Night Walk on the Beach

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Skipped a flat stone over the ocean-glazed tidal withdrawal spot.  It’s raw, chilly, so misty tonight. Put my hoodie over head to cover the back of my damp neck. I stop shivering. There’s a faint seaward scent of saltwater and fish harboring the breezy seascape air. Moist deserted sand sticks to my sneaker sides as if they were breaded…. Nobody else appears here.

The ink-bleeding Gothic sky seeps through a milky wash of fog like an apparition suspended above the healing waves crash. There initial roar, successive splashing, all chiming into a murmurous drone reverberating the cascade of whitecap crests collapsing into the sprawl of sea foam bubbles…. And I keep thinking I feel at home now, yet believe it matters less where one’s soul finds rest…. So long as it inevitable does.


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Sometimes it takes the worst despair
To unearth what’s in your heart
Enduring pain rekindles flames
From sparks to raging hot

And sometimes it takes all you got
Rising up from grief
Getting through with faith renewed
Then letting go in peace

Old Habits

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I can watch the stars shine
Almost any night that’s clear
Wonder from warm moonshine
Until it draws a tear

I can spend my whole life searching
For proof that love is true
But something I can’t seem to do
Is fix how I lost you


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Here in ambient sound
Imagination runs away
To borderline off space and time
Where dreams no longer fade

The incessant hum of florescent tubes
Swiveling metal fan
An old fridge clanks restocking ice
Thinking tends to plot, then land 

Here what’s found my love
From years one can’t replace
A stuttering heart one torn apart
Mind shovels over buried pain

Because here my will returns
And here I’m not the same
Alone upon this earth for now
Reborn and not afraid

Sincere imitation….
(dustus guitar solo)


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