Writer’s Block by Adam Dustus

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Letting Go

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I was delusion’s ghost
Hovering strands
A viral host
Where every molecule of sky
Hid more from sun
Sea, stars, and eyes

Felt numb to days
Invisible to self
A soul who couldn’t ask for help
Drawn to many fathoms deep
While way too drunk to even speak

So there I was
Through clouds of haze
Peering down at an aqueous grave

Testing wind with a cig’s flicked ash
Still blaming myself
Stuck in the past

Fought the good fight
Exceeded their limits
Yet saw the future without me in it
And with truth not jest
When this life collapsed
God did not let go His grasp


In No Time

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In no time I’ll find peace
And hope before I die
‘Cause human beings have reason
To live beyond our lives


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When the bloom wilts off the rose
And it slumps as if in pain
Recall those golden hours
When the petals glistened rain
Then think about those shining stars
What lies so far away
Surpassing untold galaxies
While earth hides our remains