Twice the Proof(s)!

It was around 2 in the afternoon when I started freaking out. UPS usually drops off packages to my home around 4-ish. Being Friday, maybe he would get stuck in traffic, or have way too many holiday returns to deliver, standing in countless doorways, waiting incessantly for people to sign that computerized clipboard upon which I never can seem to sign accurately with the stylus. Anyway, the downtime was killing me. Sometimes he’s early; other times he’ll arrive later. Give or take an hour, the delivery could come roughly between 3 and 5. Time was moving as slow as a clock with a dying battery.

Obsessing way too much, not able to relax, even chewing my fingernails (hadn’t done that in ten years); I began writing about anticipating a very special day that has now become this past Friday. I was trying to seize and understand the moment before I knew that my life was about to change. What had I done? Only a few days ago, I was sweating it out man!  The last 7 yrs. flashed through my mind. Images of standing in front of classes full of 6th, 7th, 8th graders, and high school students—those memories meshed with scenes of all the different places I lived. Kept thinking, I must be some kind of blabbering moron to quit a successful teaching career? Would I finally realize the colossal blunder for itself, or would the moment I held the 1st proof of my novel in my itching hands validate every one of my crazy irrational decisions? Would my poetry collection turn out like shit? Indeed, many former friends and even those who stuck by me believe I had lost my mind. I followed my dreams.

Dustus has Proof(s)!Nonetheless, here they are. These books are a huge part of me and I am happy to share them. While I still feel a little weird being acknowledged as an author, I must admit it does feel pretty good. The way I look at myself now: I would have been crazy not to have completed my books! I’ll let everyone know when they’re officially available on

Thanks to everyone who believed in me. –A. Dustus

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