Could Mean Your Life (poem)

I used to be full of anxietyasylumstill-copy1
Conquering the best part of me
Till I held in suspension
Most bitter depression
Sapping my strength and ability

It wasn’t until
Fear took a spill
Far more than a spell
Magical feeling
Tenderest healing
Inspired in me, my will anew
Came through with scars
Emotional wounds
Consuming, engulfing inferno
One helluva a long chill

I can say this now
Yet back many days
It was fight or flight
Panic and Doom
So many moments
Had been through

Learning to live again
Not to turn my back
Nor shirk responsibility, or friends
Even my personal writing
An attitude to seek and find
Because what’s found
Could mean your life
For me it means
I can no longer hide

5 Responses to “Could Mean Your Life (poem)”

  1. Good Job Mr. Dustus!
    Thanks for sharing your site and your work!
    I look forward to reading more! Keep up the good work.

  2. Dark nights and dark days,
    No light coming your way,
    Days turn into momentary abyss’
    Where you wish your eyes would just open, see,
    But nothing comes.

    I hope that you’re now recovering. Absolutely adore your work.

  3. What an excellent comment! Things are much better in my life since I wrote that piece —what seems a lifetime ago now. You’re very kind. Thank You 🙂

  4. simply adored the last para.

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