Visual Waves

Successive contrasts
Consecutive shades
Forgotten pigments
Spectral change

Visual waves of color displayed

Or most ignored
Like color guards
Light unfurls

Unique perceptions
We all have some
I’ve confused colors
Others see none

9 Responses to “Visual Waves”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    Insightful poetry as usaual

  2. Hi! Love this. I’m a pointillism painter and have started The Pointillism Painters Group on LinkedIn, the social network. Could I please post this as a springboard for a discussion among our members?

    • I feel honored, Denise. I post my work to be shared, especially by other artists. I would love to see some pics of paintings from your group. If available, could you drop me a link?
      —Adam 🙂

  3. Fabulous. loved the last few lines most. we all see colours, some see none. its better to see confused colours than none 🙂

  4. Hi Trisha! A good friend of mine is color blind., which definitely influenced this one. Also, I took a design course on color theory a while back. Interesting. Some of the info was attributed to multifaceted writer Goethe. I found that amazing.

  5. the course must have been quite interesting. colours always fascinate me.

  6. It was interesting, and now I can finally match my clothes. lol Seriously, it was eye-opening. You would have enjoyed.

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