Never wanted to become a writer
Uncertain about what I could be
Life then changed once pain inspired
Experience confronted and leveled me

Signals from my heart afire
Brooded lost and feigned desire
Bound by lines myself enslaved
Figured I’d write or go insane

Beautiful words transform complaint
A novel approach began each day
Anyway, I’ve come to embrace
Gave in finally, dared to create

An empty canvas clears the mind
Look to the future, hope to find
One’s past can never be erased
Yes to art! this life! our fate!

4 Responses to “Bloomsday”

  1. Inspiring words. Your poem reminds us that truly great works often come from a deep personal need that the artist must fulfill. Joyce himself would have probably related pretty well to this poem.

    • Thank you for your comment, Oli. I do feel the need to write daily, however I don’t always feel fulfilled. I’ve definitely been inspired by what Joyce did with language. Whether you appreciate him or not, find his writing groundbreaking or inaccessibly self-absorbed, there will never be another literary artist like James Joyce.
      Celebrate art and uniqueness. Happy Bloomsday!

  2. Sarah Joyce Bryant Says:

    I relate well to this poem. I stopped writing due to fear and sometimes I still feel that way. I have so much to say but often not a way to express it. That leads to a lot of frustration. Thank you so much for sharing your poetry 🙂

    Writing certainly comes from a need to express the unexpressable.


    • “Writing certainly comes from a need to express the unexpressable.”
      Sarah, I think that is very true and thank you for taking the time to comment. I encourage you to write about your fear. Perhaps that’s necessary when creating powerful art. (I know—easier said than done!). I struggle with that one. For me, I don’t usually publish those pieces, but they do help what I eventually post.
      Anyhow, hope your current projects are going well. I’ll be checking your blog @
      Write on!

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