Imagination Limits?

How many times discovered
Known yourself
Why even bother
Lies are no help

Whether outside
Inside thrive
Fireside to candle light
Follow through, just be you
Gone in life’s mystery
Sharp wit fluidity
Exuberant, energy
Predictive states
Antiparticles vibrate
Photons annihilate
Time, and wait…

My pride fears too fake
Though I know I must face
No longer shame, heights, and lines erased
Matter’s grave space
Emotional glow to compel
We hardly know why the universe grows
And with us old, appreciative
Eternity within caves
Still a neanderthal in nature’s awe
Combustion through the sky
Head spun clocked by a shovel
Nobody knows tomorrow
Only another day
Or is it why
This very moment
Our imagination limits?
Like we forgot about yesterday
What stares back before us
Beyond a menagerie of memory

To light the way
You must seize the day
Inspired dreams sure do fade
Seek spirit in tribute
Peace from rage
Equanimity equals
The human need to create

Looking up at the inside of the MI Capitol Building’s dome
(photo by Adam Dustus)

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