An Unnecessary Weight

Over my shoulder sits a man
This man I cannot understand
Yet I know that it’s me
Though I don’t Godly see
Only kind of get a sense
Like omniscient eyes
Press on dreams

Feeling apprehends
Perception befriends
But to myself
Nobody bends
Rather, he sits stolid
Not wanted his judgment
Without a voice
Nor consoling emotion
Many do think
His goal merely destruction
Devoid of choice

Life is good
In many ways
Enjoy the now
Shout, exclaim!
I dare say
Despite the way
My shoulder burns
From unnecessary weight

excerpt from In & Out of Line by Adam Dustus.
available on
Cover image by Adam Dustus
typography by Chad Bennett

4 Responses to “An Unnecessary Weight”

  1. nice poetry.
    “Enjoy the now
    Shout exclaim.
    i like that

  2. Thank you, my friend. Hope everything is going well 🙂

  3. moondustwriter Says:

    Thought provoking, pensive poem. Love your stuff and congrats on the poetry book.

  4. Thanks, Leslie. Keep up the great posts on your blog. I just read “Traffic Jam” and know the feeling, nice visual as well.

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