First Review of High School Asylum

Hey Everyone.  I have some news to share…

Well, the waiting is over.  This first review of High School Asylum was posted this morning.

Click here to read the review…

4 Responses to “First Review of High School Asylum”

  1. A decent review.
    Sounds like an interesting story.
    One i could relate to myself.
    its just such a same that i can never fit in time to read anything but blog posts.
    i wish you great success with this

  2. I was a little surprised at how the reviewer handled the book. For the most part, I thought she was fair about the surface meaning.

    That’s interesting that you focus your attention on reading blog posts. There really is nothing better than blogging. Well, perhaps a five-star, multi-course meal! Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi, looks like a promising review. Arthur’s story sounds interesting too.

  4. Thanks, Lawrence. I’m working on my pitch right now for Sounds From A House. Trying to summarize 100,000 words into 3 amazing paragraphs. Piece of cake, tons of fun! lol Cheers.

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