Like Statues Remind

Boyish eyes a glimmer spy
Sharing memorial to a place and time…

Hearts in her hands
Respecting new life
Something perfect
No words can mind

When everything’s worth it
And you don’t need to try
Remember your feelings
Like statues remind

*The above image is comprised of two photographs I took. The boy statue can be found in front of Oldsmobile Park in Lansing.  The statue of the girl stands in Downtown East Lansing.

14 Responses to “Like Statues Remind”

  1. Aw that’s a lovely poem! Statues do remind us, they commemorate and venerate. We walk past them without a thought sometimes, thanks for reminding us to look closer.

  2. Thank you. My town has plenty of interesting statues. I always take pictures of them like I’m a tourist. lol Have an excellent weekend!
    Adam 🙂

  3. Statues fascinate me.
    but they are often overlooked by most, its true.
    Cool poem.

  4. You hit a soft spot with me. When I was in the third grade there was a boy by the name of Ted. He played softball at recess. I was a “tom-boy” and wanted to play ball and not jump rope. He talked the other boys into letting me play. He would also walk me home, carrying my books and we would talk of the books we were reading. He gave me the “Call of the Wild” when we moved in the fourth grade. Tears were shed by both of us. Lovely post for the figures and the poem. Thanks!

    • What a nice friend you had! So sad that you moved away from him….that’s rough, especially in 4th grade. I went through something similar in 7th grade, and I’ll never forget it. Glad you shared those memories with me, Leslie.
      Thank you so much 🙂

  5. doubtfulpoet Says:

    Reminds me of the one boy who stood up for me in junior school. He has been my best friend for over a decade, the toothless smile and freckles I had to hold onto when everything else was plain wrong. Loved it, the statues look as though they should fit perfectly together 🙂

  6. Hi Beth. What a true friend to stick up for you like that. Kids can be so cruel sometimes (and some never grow out of that unfortunately)! Those statues mean a lot to me, and not just ’cause they are part of where I live. You’re right, they should fit perfect together 🙂

  7. I like how you combined the statues. Your blog has such polish.

  8. witty and humorous,
    loved the live feed and man,
    what admirable job u have done!

    keep shining!
    I am entertained and impressed.

  9. This one was a joy to read and got me to smile. Thanks! Hope all is well. 🙂

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