Google and Lansing, a future with fiber optic roots

Hi Everyone!  BIG news where I live.
Could it be that Google may be coming?
Click here to check out my article
Thanks 🙂

8 Responses to “Google and Lansing, a future with fiber optic roots”

  1. This could be a significant game-changer for our local economy at the very least! People who read this blog know how I feel about Google. If not for Google, I would not even have this blog. It’s no coincidence that I found my free WordPress blog through a free Google search 🙂

  2. Are you getting gigabit Internet? Don’t make me hate you! 😉

  3. We shall see. Right now our state needs to create jobs STAT! What a tremendous way to make that happen! Thanks, Dennis

  4. welcome,
    please accept the week 8 perfect poet award along with your poem post, and nominate one poet from our Rally member…
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Excellent! Thanks 🙂 I’ll have everything ready super early tomorrow/tonight.
    I look forward to participating.

  6. Week 8 Perfect Poet Award

    week 8 award:

    wow, cool!
    poem, award logo, and nominate a poet from previous participants…
    beautiful! 😉

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