Web Designer Magazine Interviews WordPress Co-founder

Anything in the bookstore with WordPress in the title prompts me to stop and take a second look; which is what happened yesterday.  Web Designer magazine has a new “Wordpress Wizard” issue featuring an interview with WP co-founder Matt Mullenweg. The interview offers plenty of insight into the future of online publishing, in addition to discussing Mullenweg’s open source commitment and enthusiasm for listening to the blogging community.

This issue (#167) also presents tutorials on understanding how to use transparent PNG files for enhanced design options and creating cool graphic effects on your site. If you want to know how to save an image with a transparent background (using Photoshop), I think this will be very help. So if you’re a WordPress blogger and Web Designer fan like me, definitely check out this issue!

12 Responses to “Web Designer Magazine Interviews WordPress Co-founder”

  1. moondustwriter Says:

    Last sentence -correct to “Very helpful”
    nice write up Adam
    and thanks – I need some wordpress tips

  2. My daughter, Jasmine is studying to be a Graphic Designer.
    To me, as long as she can make her hobby her career.
    Best of both world, right?

    Have you a productive week.


    • That’s great. I absolutely love using graphic programs. It chills me out and can be a lot of fun. I think kids could learn this stuff in no time!

  3. I love your energy for learning new things to make your life a little easier….hopefully! 🙂 I am toooo lazy to do anything new right now! I guess I should say “busy” not lazy! 🙂 Have a fun week!

  4. LOL You post way too often for me to ever consider you lazy, Doraz. Witty, yes. Busy, yes. Lazy Nooooo 🙂 ha ha. Have an awesome week!

  5. Certainly, Worpress is Great…thanks to Matt for the wonderful application, which is now become the worlds best blogging application/platform.


    • I think WordPress is amazing. From what I’ve read, I’m optimistic about this great platform getting even better 🙂
      Thank you, Saurabh.

  6. Hi, I agree. WordPress is amazing and a wonderful giift to people who thrive on the arts and writing, and simply seeing the word WordPress in a bookshop causes me to stop and take another look as well. I’m fascinated with web design and online means of communicating the arts, though I’m still in the learning stage and finding some of it hard going. Just brought my first book on Digital Photography today. Thanks for posting.

  7. Very cool— Digital Photography. Fun stuff! I really enjoyed learning the basics and enjoy taking pics. Knowing about it has helped me a great deal with planning posts. I think you’ll enjoy that.

    There are a lot of books out now about WP. As for the platform, I think it’s fantastic. I’ve taken a web design course, and compared to updating a standard web page in Dreamweaver, this is so much easier; and the archiving is incredible. WP really has something great to offer people. This blog is mine for life and it only cost me less than fifty bucks for one add on. Unbelievable what a generous gift, esp. considering traditional web updates can become costly if someone else is contracted to make the changes.

  8. I wonder how the wordpress founder made money from WP.

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