Celebrate National Poetry Month!

Is April really the cruelest month? Well, now that tax day is over, it seems like a great month to me.  In honor of National Poetry Month 2010, I offer the following poems.

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Pain Must Have Forgot

Stumbling, fumbling
Out of breath mumbling
Rock, paper, scissors
Chainsaw-scared juggling

Upside the head
Reality slaps
What can be done?
Which shuffled tasks?

Only one person
Happy to be
Unproving ideas
Altering scenes

All that you’ve got
Only one shot
Insecurity gone
Pain must have forgot

All in Time

Get control
Off, Heartbeat
Regain composure
Take a seat

You came back once
In a lifetime scene
Carried on
Illuminated dream

Tantrum and torture
Still moments love brings
Honest felt somber
Bitter bells ring

You want to give back
While getting back seems
More than what’s asked for
What’s wished for?
Perfect sleep, contented rest
Goals setting dreams work best
So we think
Then we find
Initially what
Escaped our mind
Love around us
All in time
In and out of line

Acknowledgement’s Pass

Quartered time lines on a grandfather clock
Structure, arranged as a compass well placed
A midnight boom to unnoticed tick-tocks
Swept hands overlap and circle the face
Not leaving a trail revolving its way
Forming orbits through good times and regret
Exact angles in instances are razed
A precise spot in time is sediment
In the crumbling of hours long dreaming
One never grasps a sense of history
Not knowing fully in moments seeming
Things repeat through beauty and misery
Life cannot escape from an hourglass
Only re-feeling acknowledgement’s pass


“The author’s sense of place and humor comes across particularly well when writing poems on writing poems. The statements—and imagery—about creating the form often reelects a sense of form as well.  In fact, the poems written in form—sonnets, villanelles—are the strongest , in general of all the poems here.  The reference and inclusion of blog poems at the end is a nice touch.  I also like the cover photo: the author peeking into the frame, as if a non-participatory observer.”

—Writer’s Digest Judge, about In & Out of Line

Celebrate National Poetry Month!

43 Responses to “Celebrate National Poetry Month!”

  1. April is and has always been a good month over here. From the three poems, I like the third one best. Especially as it’s written in Sonnet form. Wasted time is a touchy subject with me at the moment. But we must always look at the positives-from 13 years of stagnancy I have two beautiful children! Things are sent to test us sometimes, it’s a battle of who is stronger the test or you. Hope your month is going swimmingly.


    • LOL I’m partial to April; perhaps the best time of year… but then again I like all four seasons!

      Things aren’t going swimmingly just yet—the lake over here is still very cold. I won’t even get my feet wet until mid-May or later. <– bad joke. Shan, you're right. We must look at the positives, which you I know you do and follow your example Enjoy the day, your beautiful kids, and this wonderful month of April! 🙂

  2. prolific to day Mr Adam .Lovely poems different in pattern but equally interesting ; well done.

  3. Thank you 🙂 The last two poems are part of the In & Out of Line collection—my first poetic work. The last 2 poems were written years ago. Appreciate the kind comment. Cheers

  4. And your poems are AMAZING, I enjoyed reading them 🙂

    Marinela x x

  5. Nice poems Dustus, of course all your posts are awesome to me.

  6. Viola, your comments keep me going. I’m grateful to you for your continued encouragement. Means a lot. Many thanks 🙂
    Have a great week!

  7. moondustwriter Says:

    My Favorite is All In Time. “Goals setting dreams work the best…”
    But I do like them all and your style. happy April!!!

  8. That’s my favorite one too; titled the book from it. Thanks, Leslie. I am definitely enjoying April. Nice weather in MI after winter is uplifting. Have a great week. cheers 🙂

  9. fantastic. they are very beautiful. specially the grandfather clock one.

  10. Glad you enjoyed them 🙂 Always appreciate your encouragement. I used to love writing sonnets. I don’t attempt them much anymore.
    Cheers. Enjoy the week!

  11. A lovely trio…espc Aknowledgement’s Pass….Incredible, loved every line of it!

  12. Glad you liked it 🙂 It’s a relatively old poem for me. Seems like I wrote it so long ago. Thanks, Suzicate! Have a good one

  13. what a true celebration!
    you are doing an awesome job on poetry.

  14. Yes, let’s celebrate! Thanks for the encouragement, J
    It’s motivating and extremely nice of you. Cheers 🙂

  15. I love All in time! Makes me feel sad for longing, wanting to reach out and touch something that was precious. Oww again your poetry is really special, you must know this <3<3


    • And that is what I get for using someone elses’ Mac Sorry Shan! Won’t do it again! <3<3

      • LOL. Did you finish your exams yet?

      • doubtfulpoet Says:

        No I’ve got this week as a Reading week but had to come back to keep up a tradition. Got three lit exams next week, then a creative poetry exam, ie make something up in an hour, and then contemporary literature the following week. Yay! Lol 😉

  16. rock, paper, scissors, chainsaw….love that…
    the third though sturck me…
    very nice dustus…

  17. That means a great deal to me, Shan. Thank you, sincerely 🙂

  18. I could see your work being sold at COSTCO. Do you have one near where you live? 🙂 They are pretty good about getting works on track with them. Have your publisher check it out. 🙂 You do have a talent that the world can smile about. 🙂 Good Luck… Have a fun week.

    • Super nice of you to say that, D. Thanks for caring and believing I have talent. That made me smile 🙂 I’m grateful. You have a fun week too. Keep those punchlines flowing over on your site!

  19. 10Q for stopping by @ my blog…..I equally love your work!!!

  20. My pleasure. I can tell you care about your work. Nice blog. Enjoyed my visit

  21. LOL–ahhh it’s telling when one ventures into blogland to remember that April is Poetry Month. Okay–you’ve reminded me. Thanks. Good stuff.

  22. LOL. Well, that’s blogland for us 🙂

  23. I like all of these, but “All in Time” is AWESOME! Read it silently and then aloud. Reminds me of life and time passing and just how things go back and forth in order for us to learn patience and how to tailor our dreams and just about living. Thanks Adam!

  24. Leslie, “All in Time” is one of a few poems I can recite without the use of a cheat-sheet. lol Seriously. your interpretation reminds me of why I wrote it. Thank you 🙂

  25. Three very different poems – well done! the grandfather clock one is particularly wonderful. I like the idea of the continuity of time: it changing but unchanging

    Not leaving a trail revolving its way
    Forming orbits through good times and regret
    Exact angles in instances are razed
    A precise spot in time is sediment
    In the crumbling of hours long dreaming

    These lines in particular really struck me. Its hard to write about the intangible substance of time – but you triumphed over it, owned it and didn’t let it own you! Great stuff Adam – I look forward to more!

  26. Lynda, when I started writing many years ago, it seemed like an unreachable dream that anyone would actually take the time to read my work, let alone look forward to more. Well, I feel very fortunate now. Thank you 🙂

  27. wonderful poems… nice way to celebrate … that inspires me too to do something 🙂

  28. Phalgunn Maharishi Says:

    gud ones :)… keep up… and Check my latest poem “MY LITTLE DOG”


  29. Glad to learn you’re going to celebrate! I look forward to the post 🙂

  30. shoelessboywonder Says:

    Congrats on all your success, and your brilliant work here, i was truly inspired, but i hate to tell you that April is nothing I admire, we all have that one month, were everything tends to go south and April is it for me, i even wrote a poem about it this year called The “Anniversary of Death” though it isnt one of my best i does what i need it to. Again congrats to you and happy poetry month. good day and i hope your star keeps shinning

  31. Thanks! Extremely nice of you. Sorry to hear April’s not a good time. Writing helps me deal with bad months—even when it may seem no help at the time. Glad you wrote that poem.

  32. is this a new book.
    the cover design is really cool.
    Also i like all these poems but the second one was particularly interesting

  33. Hi K. The books been out for almost a year now. Thanks for the compliment on the cover. With the exception of the cool typography, I designed this one.

    Your first poetry book?
    Well done.
    I wish you the best!

  35. Thanks 🙂 That’s very nice of you, shakira!

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