Another Reason…

Feeling way more than a bit of own sap
Barrier layers ring over years pass
There’s a heart inside
Could be one’s chest
Sprung from earth mantle
Cascading green light rests

Care for a Reading?

(Photo by me)

25 Responses to “Another Reason…”

  1. moondustwriter Says:

    A bit sappy don’t you think???

    Love the strength given to this wise old tree


  2. LOL Set myself up for that one 🙂
    Happy Sunday, Leslie

  3. smart words.

  4. 10 Q 🙂

  5. Hello Adam, the picture of the tree, an oak I think, makes me want to be young again and climb it. I use to climb one just like it when I was growing up, lived in that tree. It looks like two trees that grew together. Your poem surely does do it justice. Beautiful words my friend.

    My husband came home from the hospital last night, to finish recovering at home. So I will be taking care of him until he is back on his feet doing for himself again.

  6. Great news that Larry’s back home 🙂 So glad glad to hear it. Thanks for keeping us posted, Viola. We all wish him a speedy recovery!

    Thanks for that happy memory too.

  7. This whole post has a calming feel about it.
    Do you know what i mean?

  8. Sometimes I need to mellow out

  9. I can’t help but mentally add a tire swing to that picture.

    • LOL. That may be the perfect tree for it. Also, I think that would make an awesome special effects tree where faces emerge from the bark. Have a great week, Dennis

  10. The barriers that we construct because of past experiences do shield our heart..removing those barriers is far more difficutl than cutting down the tree…enjoyed thinking about your poem…loved the photograph also.

    • I think my shield is beginning to dissolve… Wise words, Charles. Glad you like the photo. Shot that in raw mode. Took a few interesting pics this weekend.

  11. I really enjoyed this poem.

  12. Thanks Mitchell. I placed your “Go Green” environmental badge on my sidebar. Props to you for doing your part to inform people.

  13. One of my favorites. 🙂 I got a relaxing feeling over this poem and photo. Have a great week. 🙂

  14. Taking photos has become a relaxing hobby for me. Perhaps that influences the process. Thanks, Doraz. A good Monday thus far. Hope your week goes great too! 🙂

  15. suzicate Says:

    Lovely, tree and words….forget the tire swing and bring on the swinging hammock!

  16. LOL. That would be nice. It’s a great spot to sit and chill. A hammock there would be awesome 🙂

  17. your photographs are breathtaking.

    lovely poem to go along.

  18. Trisha, it’s been a lot of fun taking photos once I learned how to adjust the settings on my camera. Whew…before that, it was difficult taking any decent shots. But now a it’s relaxing hobby, and even prompts writing. Thanks for the compliment on my photographs. Made my day 🙂

  19. Ooh, you just reminded me to finish something… Thanks, Jingle


    one poetry award,
    8 others on bottom,
    enjoy some if you wish to!
    Happy Tuesday!

  21. Lovely work there Adam. I’m sure if trees could speak they’d tell a tale or two. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m inedequate with a camera!! Nice Spring like feeling to the photograph here.

  22. Thanks, Shan. If trees could speak… hmm… might be loud considering their bark. lol Okay, that was really bad. I admit. Anyhow, took me about 2 years to become comfortable using my camera; and for every good shot, I still take plenty of bad exposures in estimating what settings work best 🙂
    Keep taking pics!

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