Flinch’s Escape (Flash 55)

Jacob Flinch wished his picture graced that milk cartoon. Dog, as nicknamed called, stands pouring over his target. Jake collapses from whiplashing punches from the bully’s wingman. Lunch ladies, cooks in hairnets, attempt breaking-up cheering twelve-year-olds, “Fight! Kick his ass!” Running vice-principal’s whistle cuts through enough bustling undivided attention. Once again, unfair suspension provides Flinch’s escape.

Care to take a listen?

*55 Fiction (nanofiction)

40 Responses to “Flinch’s Escape (Flash 55)”

  1. moondustwriter Says:

    Nice flash fiction
    got a lot of action for 55

  2. Might be my favorite form, Leslie. Perhaps 2,000 or so tweets prepared me for 55s lol.

  3. I see what’s happening at the school cafeteria,
    excellent capture of actions and commotions..

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/the-celebrate-poet-of-may-award-and-more/

    u already see the post,
    here is the link for reference when you decide to post it later…

  5. suzicate Says:

    Ha, the cafeteria action from yesteryear is one thing I don’t miss! Fabulous portrayl.

  6. As if the food wasn’t bad enough. lol Enjoy the week, suzicate 🙂

  7. I can see plainly in this poem what is going on in the cafeteria. It brought back memories of my younger days and I wanted to help kick butts. I used to think that my mission in life was to put bullies in their place. I never started a fight, but I never backed down from one nor did I lose one. LOL Of course the only ones I fought with was the bullies. hehehehehehe I just love this poem. It is my favorite one of yours, of course I like everything you write.

    Larry is still improving. He is begainning to sound like his old self.

  8. You’re too feisty to ever lose a fight, Viola. lol Glad you like this one 🙂 More importantly, excellent news that Larry’s recovering well. Awesome.

  9. I’ve spent some time suspended myself. Reminded me of days long gone…lunch room ladies can be tough! Great story!

    • Thanks, D.S. There are so many parts of the school day that can be tough on kids. My hope is that by writing about it, perhaps kids will feel like their issues are important to the world. High School can be a lonely place.

  10. Love your action poem. Sorry that this type of stuff still happens. 😦 I want to be a principal for the day. I would have some fun. lol 🙂

  11. If only… I know just what you mean. It would definitely become a tech-centered curriculum with you in charge. lol

  12. I could never appreciate those TINY bullies. If only they all wore identifying scarlet letters, so their victims could at least have time to hide while learning to no longer fear them. Great 55! Heartspell

    • Napoleonic bullies wearing their A? Perhaps we’ve all seen a few of them. lol
      Thanks, Heartspell. Always appreciate you stopping by 🙂

  13. thats a fast and furious 55…i have recieved those bully’s punches and similar suspension…nicely done dustus!

  14. this is really cool.
    I might try this idea

  15. Get well soon, Jingle!
    Everyone, please check out Doraz’s link.

  16. Wow, that was creative and detailed…I love the imagination…Your page always poses a pleasant read. Cheers brov!

  17. Thanks, Emmanuel. Appreciate what you just said. Ton of respect for you!

  18. A great 55. took me right back 🙂

  19. Thank you, Anthony. I find it remarkable that almost everyone can relate to being bullied, but when it’s happening you often feel alone.

  20. Very Cool. I am glad to hear the cooks were wearing their hairnets as the department of health would have wanted.

  21. It is so sad when groups of students pray on another.” No One” wins, here.

  22. You’re right, it is sad and can also be brutal. It’s time for us as a society to figure out how to make this stop.
    thanks, Leslie

  23. Gosh, this made my stomach turn with memories of kids getting bullied.

    Non-Violent resolution is always best with children, then they grow up to pass that on.

    A very powerful piece.

  24. Great comment, Jannie. I agree the focus really should be on the future. Non-violent resolution is an excellent lesson to teach, especially when young and given our litigious society at large, as well as the general esteem for legal reasoning. Not to mention it builds on “character education” and community. I’m sure we could think of many more reasons why teaching non-violent mediation skills would be beneficial at a young age. Might even make kids better test takers 🙂 thanks

  25. Hi Adam, I have posted a very special short story. It was written by my 7 year old grandson, Jason. Would you do me the honor of reading it and leaving him a little comment. I will be working with him on creative writing over the summer.

  26. Adam, i have completely off the cuff.
    Done a random poetry challenge that you must take part in.
    It is not what you will expect at all.
    But i just know you’ll do well

  27. K, was just over at your site. That is a cool idea! Sure, I’ll give it a try. I liked your poem and didn’t listen to the music yet, so should definitely be interesting. I’ll be sure to post what I write. Thanks!

  28. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/thank-you-so-very-much-my-friend/

    important information is posted…
    see you later.
    take good care…
    thank you for the comments and encouragement!

  29. Glad to learn you are feeling better 🙂
    You take care too, my friend

  30. blissbait Says:

    I love this! Tween pulp fiction. I love the gritty feel. I just listened. Thought it was 1940’s spies or Mafia, and when I realized it was kids in a cafeteria I burst out laughing! This is super cool! Great twisted road You took me on. Thank You! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  31. Thanks, blissbait. “Tween Pulp Fiction” I like that 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the piece.

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