High School Asylum (Reading from Ch.4)

The following audio clip is a reading from High School Asylum

High School Asylum by Adam Dustus
Copyright 2009
(cover by Keven Lupien)


22 Responses to “High School Asylum (Reading from Ch.4)”

  1. nice!
    thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you, Jingle! This audio post was suggestion from a friend teaching a course. They are discussing bullying and prompted me to read that part. Glad to share it. Enjoy doing so and hearing other perspectives on my work. I’m grateful for the comment.

  2. very cool adam…love your descriptor of the school, makes it easy to envision being there…

  3. Thanks, Brian. Really appreciate that 🙂 Wanted to strike a balance between showing and telling in this book, so I take that as a good sign that you enjoy the descriptor. thanks again

  4. A very wise person who would be a pleasure to meet. I love his character. I see your words played out in my head. I love how you have done this. You make us interested in the characters with your cool description of them. 🙂 Keep it going strong. You have impressed me….again. 🙂

    • Thanks. I’ll probably record a couple more of these, Doraz. Wish I could record the whole thing, but I just don’t have time to do that. Nonetheless, really glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  5. I enjoyed your book immensely. I especially like the friendship between the main character and his friend “the girl” who was not a girl friend. High School wasn’t like this when I attended. It was informative to read as I have grandchildren who will face this larger more chaotic world. Friendshipos haven’t changed, though, have they? That is a comforting thought. Love the readings you are including, Adam!!!!

    • Good friendships are timeless and change lives 🙂
      Sincerely appreciate you reading my book, Leslie.
      You’re awesome!!! cheers

  6. great characters and the reading just make it even more appealing!

  7. Appreciate you taking time to listen and letting me know what you think 🙂 Thanks, D.S.

  8. suzicate Says:

    Your descriptions take me right back to those days! (except there wasn’t much tech then in comparison to now!) Love the audio.

  9. Thanks, Suzicate! You point out a valid exception in bringing up technology. It has become a necessary part of our daily lives, perhaps even more so for tech-savvy kids.

  10. it seems everyone is neglecting their blogs these days (other than me) 🙂
    i wish i could open audio files in my snailish connection.

  11. lol I think lots folks are on vacation this week, trisha. That stinks about your Internet connection 😦 No worries. I always appreciate you visiting and encouraging my posts 🙂 cheers

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  13. Sure thing. Thanks 🙂

  14. I so enjoyed hearing you read this; it brought me to Skyview High; didn’t you see me up in the tree watching you and Jenny? I’m so glad you gave your readers a taste of this book. I think we all may have to get a copy! Heartspell

    • Thank you, heartspell! So glad you enjoyed it. Hey, that was you up in the tree? lol
      Seriously, appreciate the support and encouragement. It was my dream for many years to publish this book 🙂

  15. The story is so cool. A page from your book?…I think an interesting book to behold. Nicely written, as usual.

  16. Thanks, Em. Yep, page from the old Dustus’ novel. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for saying that.

  17. I could only read the brief excerpt on the blog page, but I think it captures the mood nicely. Definitely wanted to read more. I could picture the central character immediately.

  18. Thanks, Lawrence. That’s awesome that you’re posting your music!
    Glad to hear the main character is easily visualized 🙂

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