Presto Breeze (Haiku)

Presto breeze mug plumes
Morning dew damps cold feet squish
Garden prompts novel

33 Responses to “Presto Breeze (Haiku)”

  1. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Oh this is beautiful! I especially like the last line: “Garden prompts novel” 🙂 Nature’s elements are wonderful and inspiring as I’m currently working on getting imagery together for my next post, romance entwining nature’s sweet impressions! 🙂 ~ I think a garden really could prompt a novel too! *be well ~April

  2. Things are well. Thanks, April… Haiku is a challenge for me and probably the best practice for my style trying not to rhyme. Glad you like it. I’ve plenty more and enjoy practicing this form. U B Well 2! cheers

  3. Adam, nature has been the universal writing prompt for poets for quite some time…will be interested in the novel it prompted. 😉

  4. Working on it, Charles…I believe it all will be a great learning experience, both through universal prompt and creative process 😉

  5. Really good. I can feel the tempo and the sense of being quickly pushed along. Hope that’s what you intended.

    Best wishes.


  6. Intended. Tried to capture a “flash of insight” so to speak through the rushed 2 first lines, so the third line reads like a break from it. Thanks, Lawrence 🙂

  7. I like this, the last line finishes it perfectly

  8. Ladies and Gents… go check out the inaugural episode of the Arts Web Show.
    K, you are indeed a one man creative show.

  9. Garden prompts novel!!! Magic words…just like you Adam x

  10. nice play adam…i definitely like the last line…i find so much inspiration in nature…hope yours grows…smiles.

  11. Wow…. such few words, and so oozing of inspiration and melody…
    This is a beautiful Haiku, Adam!! You are getting to be an expert at few-word-messages now eh? 🙂

  12. Where are there cold feet? 🙂 I’m coming for a visit, if so! All kidding aside, Adam, beautiful Haiku. I like the whole thing.

  13. lovely haiku…novel; a novel about a garden…I see a lot of great and yummy things beginning to sprout from those seeds of your thoughts! Shine on! Heartspell

    • Anything I make is not very yummy. Unlike Cheffie and Amanda, not much of a cook here. Yummy things will have to stay confined to writing. lol
      cheers, heartspell 🙂

  14. Ooh, haiku! Me no can write, so me like when someone else do! 🙂

  15. Love the haiku.. nature definitely is one inexhaustible source of inspiration!!! Very nice ! 🙂

  16. mairmusic Says:

    I can see it as a headline in the paper– “Garden Prompts Novel!” A fun haiku. I’m nominating you for the Pink award for your great web presence. Check my site in about an hour when the post will be up.

  17. moondustwriter Says:

    I’m waiting to read the novel by my friend Dustus.

    Nice Adam

    Love from the moon
    see ya at One Shot Wednesday

  18. I’ve more novels to write. Trying to balance my time to do so, L 🙂

  19. well done!

  20. That was perfect…
    Thanks Adam…G

  21. Loved this haiku! Great imagery. Hope you have a great day!
    Chloe 😀

  22. Have a great day too, Chloe. Thanks 🙂

  23. How fun! Delightful . . . good luck with the novel . . . keep us “posted.” 🙂

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