The Mind’s Eye

Stare into these mystical eyes
Motion tween the shutter finds
Amid blinks of human passerbys
Visualize an empty mind

Open third skylight
Main being reclined
Breathing swell & then subsides

Calm frights at rest
There is no better
Feeling set open
You don’t remember
Time past life
This year, September
Can’t last
Going on

Captive on display
Prison echos shook
Rattling chains
Spectator looks
Tranquil, tased, electric hooks
Fish bowl, space drained, peace tamed, life took

Hours our minutes
Existence fades with sleep
Becoming accustomed
Keep living this dream

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At this time I’d like to recognize a few awards, as well as the individuals who presented them. Thank you very much Jingle, mairmusic, and Anky0112. Appreciate you thinking of my work.

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100 Responses to “The Mind’s Eye”

  1. A beautiful one, Adam.
    Thanks for the mention of awards…

    Keep living this dream,

    love your ending!
    have fun!

    • Hey Jingle. Haven’t forgotten you, my friend. It’s been tough juggling posts between Wednesday and Friday, with life in between. lol Thanks for all your support both past and present. Cheers and have fun!

  2. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Wonderful writing, I love the last stanza! “Keep living this dream” πŸ˜‰ I keep chasing mine!!! Had to write about it this morning, lol, posted too after all this time away! =)

  3. Sarah Joyce Bryant Says:

    Beautiful, but heartbreaking poem. Love the placement of the words on the page and the inclusion of the photograph. Also loved your word choices intertwining photography with captivity.

  4. Hi April. Ugh.. still without ‘Net access at my house. I’m hosting One Shot Wednesday today, so I’m going mobile again when 5pm rolls around! Looking forward to seeing your new work after your time away. cheers

    • betweenhearts75 Says:

      Oh no Adam, not you too!!! Hope its a short temporary placement. Seems at least you have better mobile services than mine was!!! (hopefully anyway) I have another written lastnight for One Shot, but need to work on art and the formatting from new program for writing added to my computer, adjusting to.

  5. A beautiful poem Adam!

  6. This evokes all kinds of images — people walking by without seeing, the limitations of memory, how we can imprison ourselves. Good one, Adam.

  7. Crazy lioness. So fast she’s but a blur…Good old photoshop.

    Beautiful poem. Especially loved the opening of it:

    “Stare into these mystical eyes
    Motion tween the shutter finds
    Amid blinks of human passerbys
    Visualize an empty mind”

    Stupendous. A lovely way of evoking the sense of captivity…

    • Hey G, Chris G that is. I enjoy those shots that seem like accidents. It’s not always so simple getting a lioness to pose. lol

  8. Adam, I particularly like the second strophe, even though it is the shortest. It’s as if you’ve climbed inside this lion and learned her inner pulse. The mutedness. The melancholy. But also the residual nobility.

    Now then…you haven’t visited Word Garden lately because…? Not even to see my Van Gogh post I did after seeing yours?

    • Hi Shay. Definitely going to check out your Van Gogh. My apologies for having not visited sooner. Internet is out at my place. Nonetheless, see ya in a few.

  9. This has brought me to place that I can identify with…certain times we feel captured but then you ended it so beautifully with “keep living this dream”!!…Loved it Adam…my schedule is hectic this week, will not be posting on One Shot this week, I feel guilty when I can’t visit all the other wonderful poets!! Much love dear Adam xx

    • Oh no! Sometimes life steps in and keeps us from posting. No worries. That will allow me to get caught up on your work. hugs, Amanda

  10. As I looked at the image and considered some of the lines…I had a sense of sadness for the captive in the poem….well said my friend.

    • See what you’re saying, Charles. It does seem sad. As for the image, love those “happy little accidents” (Bob Ross)

  11. i had a sense of sadness as well…You don’t remember
    Time past life…
    sounds a bit like held captive and life passes by without a real chance to live it…

  12. Well written Adam. Nice One Shot Love the line “prison echos shook…” Love and Light, Sender

  13. moondustwriter Says:

    Was wondering how you got so many so fast.

    Great poem to reflect the mind of all caged creatures. I’m sure some don’t mind while others can’t deal with the futility of it all.
    Great how you got in their head

    Love ya Mr. D

  14. Beautiful yet disturbing. Disturbing yet beautiful. Imprisoned deciding which is predominant. That’s good.

  15. I’ve always wished animals could speak a language we’d understand.

    Once you’ve seen such beautiful animals in their native homes (as I did in South Africa), it becomes difficult to understand caging them in zoos.

    I like that this poem is about much more, and that the image is just one possible hint of meaning. It recalls to me also the people living on the street whom we pass and ignore, the people we never make time for, and so much more.

    • Thoughtful comment, Maureen. Many people living out on the street are not given shelter, nor fed regularly. I always thinking about that when the weather begins to change, though I do nothing about it.

  16. Your sense of compassion shines through!

  17. i think your picture is giving me a headache from staring at it mesmerised…lol. it does not sound much the dream…tased, chained, tame…i think i too could wish they could share with us…

    • Lol. I did a little bit of photoshopping on this one, and the blur had me seeing triple when I looked away from the screen, though that could have been the beer. Just kidding. cheers, bri

  18. Whenever I see a caged animal, I wonder what they think of us.

    Beautiful poem.

  19. Desert Rose Says:

    β€œKeep living this dream..this is what we are living the dream,i totally loved it,you are a genius when it comes to insight! so deep..:) great one shot buddy..;) cheers :)))

  20. Great work, Adam. The words are deeper than it appears.

  21. signed .............bkm Says:

    I am not one for cages – physical or in the mind….let us all run free — the dream is our to live…let us live it fully….nice one shot…bkm

  22. Powerful compiling of images and contrasting paradoxes. – Bill

  23. “hours our minutes’, like that! Boy, that lion picture made me a little dizzy! Aren’t they gorgeous creatures?!

  24. I’m so glad people put these into recordings.
    I’ll have to try it.
    Phone the blog, is that how it works?
    Great poem.
    Especially those two lines close to the end like a list

    • Okay… but don’t tell anyone. lol I use a USB mic, cheap pop screen, and Apple’s Garageband. Very simple to use and allows for basic audio editing. You can layer tracks and add loops and sound effects with the software if you wanted.

  25. I enjoyed this poem, Dustus, though zoos and circuses (with animals) always make me sad.

  26. I love Potter Park Zoo…
    Good stuff Dustus…….G

  27. Nice rhyme, I enjoyed reading your poem

  28. sad, touching but beautiful.

  29. Nice one. I liked the rattling, disjointed feeling of the second to last stanza.

  30. Lovely image made me think it was a safari poem at first but the words took me to the imprisonment and caged imagery and i felt sad for the animals. Believe i prefer that they roam free in the wild where the’re meant to be. Still a nicely written dream~

  31. what a wonderful smooth flow
    a pleasure to read
    and such vivid imagery

  32. WOW and what a dream!

    Lovely !


  33. I get the feeling of time-compression from this, the way life can lapse so quickly when we blink. Nice work!

  34. This felt haunting to me, Adam. As I read the words, I was thinking, oh, I hope not. I so hope the lion remembers nothing, and feels no sense of loss.

    If, as Maureen suggested above, animals spoke a language we understood, zoos would be no more.

  35. The image disturbs and helps to underpin the purpose of the poem. Thanks for dropping by. My poem is here Hope your week goes well.

  36. Ooohh… a very nice one, Adam! The woes of captivity… the feeling of being a jailbird, looked upon, clicked, and yet all you can do is sit and wait… and watch
    All those frustrated attempts at voicing… in vain

    It’s all very well pictured here.. bares the soul of a poor soul with nowhere to go…

    Sad and beautiful!
    I wish freedom came free for all…

  37. love the metaphors of imprisonment and the ending was unique…

  38. keep living this dream my all we do..great poem..and agree with bri re the photo..cant stop looking at it..cheers pete

  39. You made me feel the hunger in his heart for freedom.. or is it the hunger in my heart?

  40. calm frights at rest… love this line. gorgeous poem.

    hope you might join me for imperfect prose on thursdays sometime, friend. e.

  41. “Fish bowl, space drained, peace tamed, like took”

    this was almost a poem in itself, and my favorite part πŸ™‚

  42. πŸ™‚ that was my favorite line to read, L.L.

  43. The image is fascinating. Haunting. So many layers here. And “tranquil, tased” and “space drained, peace tamed” really got to me.

    Such a beautiful creature. Left me pensive.

    Do we do this to each other? To ourselves?

  44. Hi Sandra. That may be the case in both instances for a lot of people unintentionally.

  45. Such a beautiful creature depicted in this sadly true poem of resigned imprisonment…..I always wonder what they think as they look at us from the bars of their cages; probably something like,” just look at all that food going to waste.” Great photo. Animals are uniquely mesmerizing and each has a beauty all its own. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. Heartspell

  46. Hi Heartspell. So glad to see you link up for One Shot Wednesday! Hope you enjoyed your time off. Welcome back πŸ™‚

  47. Homesickness
    Can’t last
    Going on Forever…

    I hope, I really hope you are right!

    Thanks for the welcome post and for reading.

  48. Ah you got to re-use your pic from the weekend, but with a twist. Homesickness
    Can’t last
    Going on

    Definitely sounding like a caged animal. Hope you are set free soon.

  49. Same location but different pic. The lion turned away from me after I had her in focus. TGIF! I’m almost free πŸ™‚

  50. A beautiful poem once again. You have a wonderful way with words. It is sad to see creatures who belong in the wild behind bars. I often wonder what their thoughts would be, and you captured it beautifully in this poem.

  51. Like this, especially the beginning. Like the third skylight, rather like the third eye. Nice images flowing and bumping each other in this. Thanks for another thought provoking post.

  52. I like the images, the thought process, the flow. Glad to visit you!

    I am happy to be part of One Shot Wednesday! Here is what I offer: commas in the pauses

    You too are welcome to get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday

  53. Thanks for the invite. Glad your enjoying One Shot, Gautami πŸ™‚

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