Alone Before (One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge)

He thinks she might know
Her love waits upon rocky beach
For reason unseen standing there
Alone before they meet

*the above photo is by the great Andy Ilachinski
He is featured today @ One Stop Poetry

45 Responses to “Alone Before (One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge)”

  1. Wonderful image to go with the poem…both are very well crafted….very fine job my friend on both.

  2. Beautiful imagery in your words enhancing the fabulous image in the photo.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Dustus, Jochen. Jochen said: RT @Dustus: Alone Before (One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge): […]

  4. Lovely poem, and it makes the picture come alive, knowing why he was alone on the beach.

  5. beautiful Dustus…

  6. Your poem encompasses the vastness of possibilities.

  7. Adam do you know why I like reading your poems? It is because your words are few, but say so much. Beautiful image, both poem and picture.

  8. smiles. like another i read on this is am torn between finding each other for the first time and in the after before finding each other in eternity again…nice dustus!

  9. your words display the peaceful expectation ot the photo..lots going on beneath the surface

  10. Enjoyed reading this. Romantic.

  11. Lovely! — peaceful expectation expressed beautiful.

  12. Thanks for your comments, Everyone. glad people are enjoying taking part in the great prompt today!

  13. Alone before they meet – such unexpected calmness in those words. Love it 🙂

  14. With so few words you mirror the mystery I see in this photo. Blessings.

  15. Hard to compress all that emotional nuance into a few phrases. Your style is unique, and effective I think because it seems your natural voice and as if no one else quite speaks that way.

  16. hi adam…the photo was such a draw….your words work perfectly with this picture…excellent stuff my friend

  17. thanks, buddy. It’s awesome to sit back and watch you at the top of your game. Your last crop of posts have been fierce. Congrats, Pete. Write On!

  18. Love the scripted poem, beautifully presented and well-crafted words. The title gives the poem a bit of a haunting flavour.

  19. Beautiful words to coincide with a beautiful picture. Short but sweet–calm but with a twinge of longing. Lovely.

  20. Nice work again today, Chris. I think people are beginning to realize your hard work. Smiles on a great One Shoot, brother.

  21. I like the way everyone has their own take on one photograph. Thank you for sharing Adam. Very poigniant.

    • Learned that you are an accomplished poet in your native tongue. Glad to see you posting again, shan I’m still a fan 🙂

      • I hope you haven’t googled me, that could be rather embarrassing! Not so much accomplished as practiced, and English is a whole different ball game 🙂

  22. lovely Dustus ~ great write on a great pic ~ loved the interview some very interesting photography ~ enjoyed this

  23. There is such hypnotic simplicity in the image of ‘alone before they meet’.

    Thanks for dropping by my place and leaving a comment!

  24. I love the wanting and waiting undertone to this poem. There’s something seductive about the words and image. I was compelled to read it again and again. Well done!

  25. I like the rhyme, and the complex syntax. Good stuff.

  26. lovely thoughts of knowing…we all know don’t we when someone loves us…bkm

  27. Must admit, I’m kind of clueless sometimes. lol

  28. ~I so enjoyed taking part and reading everyones wonderful writes here ~ your wonderful write reminds what’s never known around the corner ~ have a great week Dustus ~ *heartsmiles* Lib

  29. tried to post the link for onestoppoetry on my blog Dustus if you drop by I wonder if you could post the link many thanks Lib *heartsiles*

  30. your writes are always powerful … beautifully compliments the picture.

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