A Cinquain & Palindrome

The following post is a collective result of visiting two of my poetic blogging friends.  The first poem is a Cinquain inspired by my One Stop Poetry partner in crime Mr. Chris G. (The Waking Den). The second poem is a Palindrome inspired by my friend Marinela Reka (Short Poems). I’ve included the links to their posts after each poem. They both do a great job explaining form through their respective posts.  Cheers

Eyes Beam 

Burnt blends
Dawning routines
China saucer clanking
Red nail polish covers giggle
Eyes beam

*Funeral for Reason – Cinquain by Chris G.




I am free like this post and me
Fallen flakes through effortless dreams
Meditation cleansing, detachment mending
Sensations uplifting, believing life fleeting
Friendships only meant to mean
No umbrage keeps a smile feeling
I am free like this post and me

*Hope – Palindrome by Marinela Reka

2 Responses to “A Cinquain & Palindrome”

  1. Two very tightly crafted poems for this Friday…enjoyed your words.

  2. Thanks, Charles. Never tried those 2 forms, so credit to Chris and Marinela for inspiring poetic change 🙂

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