Exiting Light

Experience more than born to die
Perhaps, that is my largest lie?
Breaks down, lines streak
Underground drive
Blinding fear through tunnel vision

Exiting light at end of life

Care for a reading?

*photo by me

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58 Responses to “Exiting Light”

  1. Very fine match between image and words…like how you extend the metaphor in this one.

  2. moondustwriter Says:

    well if you drive through a tunnel exceeding the speed limit with no lights on the exiting light may loom quickly (I’m not saying I’ve ever played chicken in a tunnel)

    great visual for life my friend

  3. Just a piece of great brightness… so much can be said and meant in a few lines…

  4. Being born to die seems so pointless… but perhaps dying to be born again balances the equation a bit?

    Nice One Shot, Adam!

  5. you shouldn’t take photos like this while driving…ts..ts.. (psst – i’m doing the same…)
    sometimes life can feel a bit lik a tunnel..i agree..and i like poems with questions..

  6. It’s all about what we do in between. The end line in the reading certainly sounds more of a question than a finale. Like it a lot Adam.

  7. A conundrum, but a fine poem, nonetheless.

    Lady Nyo

  8. “blinding fear through tunnel vision”…ooooh, ahhhh…yeah!

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Dustus, Leslie Moon. Leslie Moon said: Exiting Light http://wp.me/pnd9L-1YU #oneshotwednesday […]

  10. Very interesting., and great photo I tend to believe in something beyond.

  11. like you..i enjoy driving fast, with my mind set on the nothing and the everything that can flash in a sparkle of light..LOVE THE PHOTO..and the poem is thought provoking as you always manage to stir my mind Adam..:)

  12. Ooo love the image, and the sensation of speed you created in this.

  13. I like the ambiguity of the last line, very effective. I write a lot when I’m driving, in my head of course, because that would just be dangerous 😉

  14. Terse but complete and very visual–the words seem to have a play relationship to each other, circling the meanings around the serious undertones like a kids dance game. Very nice.

  15. Fantastic photo and even better is the symmetry between the photo and your poem. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Balanced between the seem and hope, maybe less conundrum than quest. Tight write and compressed between the lines much philosophy to consider. Thanks, Gay

  17. Fantastic blend of metaphor and image.

  18. in the end i hope the light is waiting for me as well…thanks for the assist tonight bro…happy one shot!

  19. ..and just which meaning of “light” are you intending here, sir? Cagey you are, oh yes.

  20. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Light feel with so much meaning, well done!

  21. Those first two lines are really powerful!

  22. Love the many meanings that are at play in this one shot and great picture…

  23. really love the short punch. Great work!

  24. thought provoking and nicely written!

    thank you

  25. We exit light — to what? Darkness? Grayness? Abesence of light?

    Provocative poem, my friend, and well done indeed.

  26. This one packs quite a punch! Nice pairing of the poem and picture! Mine is here. http://razzamadazzle.wordpress.com/2010/12/28/snow-bird/

  27. Great escape! I love the way the lines run unpredictably and the sound of them with your voice. Thanks, Adam.

  28. Jeez Adam….
    All You One Stop people Kick Ass!!!
    I’m a huge fan of your weekly reading.

  29. Hi Adam– this is a fascinating twist on how many have described death as melding into the light– great job@ also makes me think of that tunnel in Paris Diana Spencer had the grave misfortune to be killed in– the sense of speed, a jettisoning from one state to the other. thanks too for yur words on my long in coming requiem of my great dog Fanfare…xxxj

  30. Oh maaaaaaaaaannnn…you really have voiced my thoughts, Adam!! I have often wondered what it would be like, at the moment (of truth)… do I really wanna see that “last light”? Maybe… maybe not… I guess there’s only 1 way I will know… (sigh)

    An excellent and thought provoking piece this was… and the photograph was THE perfect complement for your fine wordplay… bravo!
    Happy New Year, Adam.. May this new year fill your life with lots of bright light, love and joy…

  31. I just go around with my eyes closed. That way I can’t see the end of life coming. It’s like I’m there already.

    What am I saying? 😮

  32. First and last lines great bookends for the image above.

  33. Your poem is a beautiful reminder that impact and imagery can be infused within a short verse. In fact, your poem says more than many longer draw-out poems. Great job!

  34. How beautifully it seeps through the vulnerable state of mind. Nice pic to go with it too 🙂

  35. Ah yes, a classic metaphor for life, but well-executed Adam. “Bright” image that packs a wallop of truth – but the question remains: stepping from the tunnel, exiting life, what do we find? Certainly we know what we leave behind…

  36. A bright message in this Adam….well done! 🙂

  37. Gwylym Owen Says:

    Three words: Vigorous, vauntless, straightforward.

    Two more Words: Great Job!

  38. Adam, wonderfully said in so few words. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Nice to meet you. Happy New Year.

  39. It is so owerful to hear you read it, Adam. Well done and thought-provoking.

  40. Anita Wakeham Says:

    Much depth in your words Adam, wonderful.


  41. Adam, I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear you read this piece. I dig poetry that begs the individual to dig deeper into life and the core questions….fantastic job…got me thinking..again!

  42. Nice, Adam, a powerful reminder to live life in the moment.

  43. very powerful write… compliments the picture very well.

  44. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Beautiful photograph Adam, and I certainly hope you stick around casting your “light” for many years!
    ~Going through my own “tunnel” currently, finding the lights that reach me deep enough within to KNOW I can DO THIS, on my own…if you knew…
    A shorter piece this week for me, a tough time writing and almost wrote a dear OneShot lastnight with changes going on, a bit frustrated…
    I just have to keep thinking of the little engine that could 🙂
    BEAUTIFUL light YOU dear friend!

  45. Wow! That was amazing! I was right there! Great job!

  46. Intriguing, smart-minded work.

  47. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel continues to shine through your words and artwork. I am constantly amazed at how you can say so much in so few words. Your work is the definition of quality! Always a pleasure to read…

  48. Very cool, Adam. I have dreamed this and the colors in your photo are spot on, but I was not on a road but hallway……..Caused me to pause.

  49. Dustus, as with many other commenters, I love the tie-in with the photo. Cool way to consider what comes “next.” 🙂

  50. What a wonderful combination of visuals, words and voice. Fabulous to experience.

  51. This has such depth in few words. Very thought provoking. I must recognize my tunnel vision and live, before I the light strikes.

  52. That’s one wild ride. Hope it wasn’t personal experience. 😉

    Nice one shot!

  53. This does indeed have a certain darkness about it.
    Nicely crafted. awesome picture too.

  54. One powerful yet compact stanza, forcing us to ask our own personal questions about life and death.
    I wish you lots of light for the New Year my friend!

  55. Fabulous work…
    The picture fits really well with your poem.. 🙂
    Happy New Year 🙂

  56. Nice photo Adam! The first thing your image brought to my mind was the scene of Princess Diana’s death – but that was horrible and dark where your photo is golden, full of life and adrenalin. Well done – accompanied thoughts intriguing, especially “blinding fear through tunnel vision.” That’s how I used to feel every time I fell off a horse. 🙂

  57. signed .............bkm Says:

    Exiting light…..ironic view…dustus at life end….coming and going light is always what we focus on….Happy New Year…bkm

  58. i like it

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