Just Like Them (Flash Fiction 55)

Chin upon blue jeans; lost thought tides. Wind rushing, surf drone, the very earth sighs smashing when calm recedes into unsettling…. Life, salt smell, ocean in her hair. Reflecting moist eyes saying “see you” —to not live through that again…  As two lovers stroll holding shoes and hands; just like them he hopes to stand.

*If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55
Please come tell The G-Man!
He will visit, read, enjoy, comment….Then BOOK!!!

25 Responses to “Just Like Them (Flash Fiction 55)”

  1. Adam….?
    You are playing by the rules today?
    And damn well I might add!!
    I’d love to be walking a beach about now, thanks for taking me there.
    Excellent 55 My Friend, thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  2. Love writing 55s, G. It’s been too long. I’ll definitely be posting more. Kick Ass weekend back-atcha!

  3. Great images written in this 55. Glad you’re playing along. It is always a fun challenge. Also, thanks for stopping by to read my “Reveal”.

  4. moondustwriter Says:

    Aww – but it doesnt sound to good for the home team

    See ya at OSP

    • OMG, Leslie I realized the last time I posted a 55 was Oct. 10th! Too long for me not to write fiction. Felt good, moonie.

  5. I get the feeling there’s a lot more going on here than sitting on the beach.

  6. thought tides….perfect imagery. that one will stay with me for a while. nicely done.

  7. boy does this one resonate…nice 55 dustus

  8. Amaziing what you put into this one dustus, you filled it up with mood and image–really excellent. And the fact that you did it in 55 is even more impressive.

  9. an emotional and romantic 55

  10. An excellent read. Full of imagery and emotion.

  11. I could see this in my mind. Beautifully done!

  12. Nothing beats a wistful ocean poem, unless it’s a wistful ocean poem by the one and only wordcrafting Dustus.

    AWESOME, Adam! Swept me away.


  13. There’s sometihing about lovers walking along the ocean that adds a special element to the story…well done Adam.

  14. There’s something so melancholy about this. I hope he gets his wish.

  15. I see an excellent prose poem. Sad makes great poetry…

    Here is mine:
    curtain of pebbled path

  16. WOW!

    An evocative write, I can smell the briny sea, and feel the sand between my toes, and a warm hand holding mine holding his. I love the sea and the metaphor here I think ? between the cosmic ocean and emotions of the heart. Sensual & earthy poem, lovely 55er.


  17. ..ocean in her hair..unconcously i start to smell for the ocean…loved your 55 adam

  18. Such a lovely 55…I could almost smell the sea air and hear the gulls and see the lovers walking by. 🙂

  19. I could actually see him lift his head to look at the couple. Beautiful, Adam.

  20. So dreamily romantic and tender!
    I suppose very few things can compare to a walk on the beach with that special someone

    Nicely played, Adam!! As ever! 🙂

  21. a fine piece, fitting the emotions in with scenery and sound

    compression…that is what I most enjoy with the 55’s…reminds me of roux, all the goodness, congealing into the thick paste, the basis of a good gumbo

    I tried one today…


    Peace, hp

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