She Loved Me Too (Flash Fiction 55 — One Stop Poetry Challenge)

*The following poem is offered in response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. This wonderful prompt was shot by photographer Kathryn Forbes, featured today on One Shoot Photography Sunday. Come check out some great shots & the interview!

We had chemistry ninth period under sweaty florescence and mutual distraction. My heart spun centrifuge-like into exhausted dreams of Katie. Standing on her parents’ porch, I approach in slow-motion. Her freckled smile, glistening chestnut eyes, smelling strawberry Jolly Rancher, auburn hair tangled and sun kissed. I stuttered. Nerves trembling when she said she loved me too.

Care for a reading?


*The above flash 55 was just written for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. Check it out! Everyone is always welcome to play along with the challenges.  Thank you. Also, One Stop has been nominated for Shorty Awards in both the #art and #poetry categories.

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37 Responses to “She Loved Me Too (Flash Fiction 55 — One Stop Poetry Challenge)”

  1. “mutual distraction”

    I love it!!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Dustus. Adam Dustus said: She Loved Me Too (Flash Fiction 55 — One Stop Poetry Challenge): […]

  3. it feels great when love is reciprocated in the same way … beautiful write.

  4. she loved me too *sigh!

  5. {sigh} so good Adam!

  6. This is so wonderfully innocent and romantic. Lovely.

  7. Old romance, such beauty

  8. hot dude…second one of the one shoots that took me back to HS…freckles and all…and yeah i still get those nerves…i played this week!

  9. oh adam – this was beautiful and evocative…her freckled smile, glistening chestnut eyes… and you have strawberries as well….lovely

  10. a lovely poem. i love “her freckled smile”.

  11. She lied. She just wanted your chemistry homework. After you left, I gave her my geometry homework.

  12. Oh, does this bring back memories. Except I had chemistry in 11th grade.

    That first tasteof first love. Nice one, Adam.

  13. Talk about taking us back to high school, and that was many moons ago for me, but, I was right back there, in an instant.

  14. Now that was right on. High school nuance personified. excellent.

  15. Awww, this is so sweet!

  16. Life love, hope, future despair in so few words.

  17. Love the mutual distraction beyond the image, the strawberry Jolly Rancher scents and sun kissed. Nice thoughts of yesteryear.

  18. This was a fantastic effort. It does just what the challenge calls for. Good work.

  19. Aw! I love this. She sounds like the perfect girlnextdoor.

  20. …”I approach in slow motion”… Yes, high school (or middle school these days!) all over again. Love it.

  21. Aw….so sweet and the jolly rancher just brought it to life for me!

  22. I like the 55 format here, Adam–it worked out really well for this little trip back to chemistry class, and those first independent chemistry experiments, which as I recall were always more fun. Lots of endorphins and good writing in this one shoot.

  23. hummmmm simply LOVEly dustus!

  24. I really enjoyed reading this. Love the line, “My heart spun centrifuge-like…” It brought back memories of times I have felt like that. Thank you for sharing.

  25. O what a beautiful moment drowning in teenage questions and dreams!

  26. I love it! I also got twitter today, please follow me. My username is MsMatsui

  27. ❤ this. I could remember being 14 and all trembly-nervous in love again.

  28. When distractions are mutual, things become more focused..

  29. Ah…this is just brilliant writing…first love defined.

  30. Nice shot, Adam! And using those chemistry classes, too–brilliant hint at the ‘chemistry’ going on, those adrenaline flushes from hormone spurts. Don’t everyone recall this? And isn’t the purity of those times nostalgic? And you’ve got it all in one ‘flash’! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Nostalgic high school…ah yes…back to the young days of romance. So sweet, so silly – sounds like certain daydreams from back in the day, certainly. It’s that clumsy, uncertain first love that we always look back on with a smile…nicely done, Adam.

  32. Took me back!

  33. One sometimes lives to hear just these words and the lucky ones get to hear it too’I love you too’ great flash55

  34. Very beautiful poem, and well written.

  35. fantastic .. rich in imagery and magic. Very evocative 🙂

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