Garbage Dumps – (for #oneshotwednesday )

Garbage Dumps

When only for a second care
Realize you’re trashing life
Dispatching unacceptable
Won’t make me feel alright

Damp landing filled with fecund will
Truth in fiction taken
There’s something rotting through stank pulp
Burnt stakes may awaken

Congealing molds incubate colds
Scared crows peck for hours
Decaying matter breaks rank ground
Garbage dumps sprout flowers

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57 Responses to “Garbage Dumps – (for #oneshotwednesday )”

  1. So you’ve said it!
    Flowers and rubbish so often mixed to make the show..
    … but something clean in the dirt must be-
    just human it is!

  2. And out of chaos and castaways true beauty emerges. What the earth is able to overcome…amazing look at what lies beneath the chaos. Another powerful piece, and I truly enjoyed the rhyme.

  3. “And out of chaos and castaways true beauty emerges….” Well said. I tend to agree. Thanks, Natasha

  4. It is amazing that in some countries they produce less trash then we do…we continue to be a throw-away society even in these tough times…enjoyed the post.

  5. Everytime I read your work I’m seeing more and more layers. I’m feeling like an onion! Ok so garbage or rubbish, world wide problem 10 tonnes per year per household, human problem, there’s more to this than rubbish, and I’m reading a disposability layer from a human perspective. Strong and always good for more than one reading. Will have a listen when the kids are asleep. Great depth put succinctly Adam x

  6. Whoa! OK, I enjoyed it, AND I recognise it as form writing. What form is it? How do you write like this? I tried the Villanelle and even I laughed at what I came up with!

    There’s a certain pleasure received in following the odd rhythm and the deliberate structure/rhyme. Sorry, I don’t know much about formal poetry and I’m sure this is not the forum for it!

    Garbage dump sprouts flowers dance delights! on tongue

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  8. the garbage dump ballad – you are so inventive adam dustus… enjoyed the read and enjoyed to listen to you reading and enjoyed the garbage dumps sprouting flowers..nice

  9. moondustwriter Says:

    Like the layers Adam – this can be a green commentary or a human life commentary – either way well written

    Thanks for covering me today
    Lunar smiles

  10. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Very well done Adam. A sad depiction of society and the littering of the earth, yet you still can see a vision of life that could be brought back. Also makes me think of the kid’s movie Wall-E which I think is such an incredible movie for kids to understand the concepts of taking proper care of our planet.
    Excellent writing! 🙂 ~April

  11. Ah, the cycle of nature. Nice one.

  12. It is a trashy world we’ve made it – a society of garbage dumps and broiling refuse. And by the way, April, I love that you brought Wall-E into this. Was thinking the same thing; cutesy film, but still, a great example for the young to behold a real, unfortunate issue.

    But Adam, I like that you include a touch of hope still to your vision – for even in the muck that we have made, beauty, greening life, might yet emerge. Nice environmental piece – carrying the green message to the people, eh?

  13. YEOW!! That was an eerily daaaaaaark take on life… (or so I thought)
    But I guess some people do have lives like this! In fact, everyone faces such dumpster-like moments at least at some point in their lives…

    I think you depicted that very well here, AD… your choice of words was very precise!!

    Your metaphors are unmatchable!! Honestly!

  14. This is a great poem Adam!

    It shows the depths of life and ends on a happier note.
    Awesome work..nice one shot! 🙂

  15. there is hope even in the garbage…where flowers can sprout in unlikely beauty…nicely played adam

  16. wow, really good write man. And, I know this feeling well.

  17. Trash ballad felt like a blues to me. But I’m seeing blues everywhere today. Should take Bessie Smith off my ipod, I guess. But there’s a little trashy taunt in this song that eventually comes up roses. Always good stuff, dear. Always good reads! Gay

  18. the crows ain’t scared
    they just playin’
    picking the the daisies

  19. Damp landing filled with fecund will – love the alliteration in this line and ‘fecund is such a great word. Each of these wonderful stanzas would stand alone as poem Adam, which is a testament to your writing skills. Really like the whole piece but that last stanza, man that rocks!

  20. I love the way you’ve built your own flowering garbage dump of phrases and images jumbled and dumped on each other so cleverly.”..dispatching unacceptable/won’t make me feel alright…” I really like that for some reason. You always blow my mind with the way you think and write adam.

  21. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    You painted such vivid images with this one, completely drew me in!

  22. Great piece, vivid images…. 🙂

  23. Robust work here. Good choice of words. Accurate pacing. Penetrating imagery and a really great ending. Good job Adam.

  24. Strong vivid writing – great work

  25. I really appreciate it when a writer utilizes structure and rhyme, especially when that construct is subtle, so it doesn’t distract from the subject matter. You’ve carried that off particularly well here, with the structure quietly underpinning the social commentary.

  26. The cultivation of a life with the renderings of choices made and chances taken, some fallen to the ground all give nutrients to growth. Love the rhythm, the illusive simplicity, and the purposeful complexity. Well done.

  27. Powerful interlocking contrasts, Adam.

    And a big dose of hope showing from the muck.

    Lady Nyo

  28. Such stink! I have to say I had a beautiful mallow flower growing and blooming in my compost pile last summer! Great poem. Mine is here.

  29. A kind of “from the ashes” poem – or beauty from what is cast away as trash and forgotten.

  30. You know, this poem is wonderful. You always write wonderful poetry Adam. Great job! 🙂

  31. aah so still some beauty could sprout from all the stink eh..thats hope Dustus. Pure and simple hope that keeps one afloat.
    Thanks you so.

  32. Garbage dumps sprout flowers

    Beaufully constructed and with a metric balance…I love the final line, the picture of redemption when it appears that all is lost. Great write!

  33. Really interesting poem, Adam– political edge– really like the last stanza especially– xxxJenne’

  34. wonderful poem. dirt, trash – it can be turned into something quite beautiful. very inspiring, Dustus.

  35. Ahh!!! So neat and clean ending.. I liked it so much. Your play with words were amazing.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  36. Every word is chosen perfectly to create an unpleasant picture, and then…the picture is beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and thoughtfully comment over at my place.

  37. These words created an atmosphere and made me shiver 😉

  38. Garbage dumps sprouts flowers… nice ending. Fact is, life requires death, requires life…

  39. Wow! This ending gave me such a feeling of hope despite everything!

  40. there is an essence of goodness resting within everything and everyone…even though that is difficult to believe sometimes.

  41. For such a short poem there’s a lot of great stuff going on here: the measured rhyme is striking; it’s interesting as a kind of political statement; and it also speaks a metaphor about how beauty prevails. “Garbage dumps sprouts flowers”–yes! Great write!

  42. Your poem is self-descriptive, Adam. It starts out rank and funky, then blooms into beauty. Very nice!

  43. You are the cleverest of clever. Great write!

  44. So there is hope? Wonderful poem. Your reading really brought it to life.

  45. Enjoyed the surprise of the last line after piling up images of rot and decay. Great ballad! Thank you for sharing.

  46. what a final image, adam. you never disappoint.

    pssst, it’s me, Fireblossom. coal black is a character from a poem who decided she needed her own blog. 😉

  47. Your last line is so universal– a great close!

  48. I too like the turn at the end, where you throw in a hint of hope. Almost as an afterthought, but I am sure purposeful.

  49. Use of “stank” and “fecund” are perfect! Nicely done!

  50. the word “fecund” is fantastic

    “Damp landing filled with fecund will”

    This line caught me immediately…

    I dig the way the piece comes around full circle with the dump sprouting flowers…you captured…well, Life!

    Killer One Shot!

  51. Ahhh the power of allusions–every time I read the word “fecund” I think of Faulkner’s Eula.

  52. Powerful images, Adam. You can almost smell it. Beneath everything rank and ugly, goodness and beauty struggle to emerge. That’s the power of life.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts on my post.

  53. Great imagery, flow, execution.

  54. you’re good

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