“What majesty should be”

Ransomed kings
Criticism to crow about
No RSS feeding enslavement
Without creativity crossing utility lines
Dotted eyes, black shadows sway in the wind

Eviscerating wastelanding tragic dross

Horse powered hamster wheels
The circle run
Bulldozers push, upturning
Severed doll parts, smushed milk cartoons
Fertile lies, careers

Clearing ski hill sized dumps
With reigns held back
Or maybe sold out
Through market trends, tickering taint
Puppeteers, overworked interns
And pimping agents!
…Ivanhoes, please
I am the terrible one

Sorry if you think this harsh
Borders now crossed to bright light
Our planet’s temperature like the sun also rises
As weeklies (as well as most companies) continue to set
Downsized they call it trend

Due preference of a millennial generation not buying newsprint
When smart phones pick up Starbucks Wi-Fi signals
It takes one faint pressured point to get to craigslist

Stop thinking in terms mechanical
There is room for dead language footnotes
References to forgotten mythologies
Get medieval if you so choose
Dropping, echoing pecks without whirring hums
Or the bleating squeals sparking old modems
After sticky relic taps played without electricity
Devoid of cut and paste, and literary nerds
Gutenberg couldn’t picture our days
Driven by Google search
Windows opening one’s Facebook page

Think about past artists’ shun
Censorship, blacklists, ex-patriots
In cyberspace remaining chance
Digest, you can’t erase this

“Brevity is the soul of wit”
Polonius first said it, ironically
Shakespeare could not imagine texts and retweets
Or a wired earth in which peer artists
Encourage creativity, support, universal broadband connections
Global renaissance through computer inventions
Where one’s key strokes lead to instant feedback
Which will not obscure death when broke hearts attack
For a single typefacing metal-headed ribbon slapping caste off

Care for a reading?

*This poem is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. The prompt was shot by photographer JackAZ, featured today on One Stop Poetry.

37 Responses to “writer”

  1. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Interlacing layers your words Adam, so incredible how you write, I love the placement of the technological phrases! Strong and emotional, and that historical realm that our past writers could not even fathom. Incredibly fascinating and the image really speaks in this with your writing. ~ Awesome! 🙂 ~April

  2. Thanks for always taking the time to comment, April. Very kind of you. So glad you enjoyed it.

    • betweenhearts75 Says:

      😉 life hectic these days sometimes need to stop & smell the roses…LOL or the burning up of wires on my computer! 🙂

  3. signed .............bkm Says:

    Lots of (who would have thought) here Dusus…I worked for the Postal Service for years…watched computers come in, was in the center of automation for years…reinventing itself year, after year…until the point where the world was moving so fast…automation could not even keep up ….another fading industy…the personal letter has gone the way of the printed page and the footnote…..nice write…bkm

  4. wow! i’ve read this twice so far and listened to your reading ~ i love the mixture of history and technology and sooo much more.

    “Gutenberg couldn’t picture our days
    Driven by Google search”

    i love the way your mind works, Adam. your writing just blows me away.

  5. Good Lord, Dustus! It’s AMAZING to be back in Your room. I read this feast of words and listened twice. You absolutely blow my mind. Thank You. This is my favourite read. Wow. Okay. Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  6. I want to thank you, Adam, for giving me the idea to post an audio version of poems. Blogger does not make this easy, but there’s just something about poetry that demands a reading, don’t you think? It is truly a holdout from the oral tradition.

    That said, I much enjoyed both the depth and breadth of your interpretation of this image. The digital age does so tend to leave us longing for the touch of old tools and the intimacy of face to face conversations. How well you captured that.


  7. oh wow – gutenberg, shakespeare, facebook and starbucks – who would’ve thought they’d fit all into one single poem…great work adam..and enjoyed the read as always…thanks..

  8. That’s ‘progress’ for you! Great poem there Adam and I love the typwriter image you have used for the poem too! I like these lines;-

    ‘Gutenberg couldn’t picture our days
    Driven by Google search
    Windows opening one’s Facebook page’

    It really rings true. Sometimes there’s much pleasure to be had by the manual simple things. I miss ‘carriage return’ the bell is your reward for finishing off the line 😀 Now its just one continuous line – with
    no dings 😦 Good poem – where the past and the present meet!

  9. Started typing on one of these beauties. Mourn The loss of the simplicity. Hours spent in procrastination on web based pages- the curse of the modern writer or want to be writer but then it’s a gateway to other things. Great philosophising my friend x

  10. very thoughtful approach Adam…I recall my Mother sitting for hours, the soft clicking of her “fancy” IBM Selectric muting the voice of an Underwood, long sonce put in the closet…I think we need to slow down now and then

    as I push “enter”

    Peace, hp

  11. You really went for this prompt, a varied aray of notions all drawn in
    A beautiful write

  12. Santa Baca! That’s Holy Cow in spanish. This was excellent. So full of crossover and integration. We have it so easy…and hard these days with all the clicking going on.

  13. I like the lines about Gutenberg, Google, and Windows also. You are quite the thinker and writer. Enjoyed the prompt today.

    Thanks for your visit today.

  14. So many literary references, so many great lines (like “horse powered hamster wheels”). Great poem, Adam.

  15. nice…great word play…severed doll part…lol…Censorship, blacklists, ex-patriots…wicked flow…and nice layering as well…

  16. Antoniatable Says:

    Enjoyed the write! Antonia Baranov

  17. What a great image to match the poem…and a perfect title for the poem…well done my friend.

  18. Nobody does stream of consciousness like you, adam, and this is a bit more even, consciousness cranked up a notch, and the stream carefully directed to flush and flow. I love the flashing similes and the all over the place descriptions. An excellent piece rewarding many rereads.

  19. Wow! I love how this piece reads as part rant and part lament. It’s imagery is relentless and breathtaking, making it rife with nuances (love that!). And it’s well-honed and focused in just the right way. Really fine writing! As Hedgewitch suggests, it definitely deserves several readings.

  20. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    I always feel so wrapped up when I read your work. The words you choose create such images. Wonderful job!

    Here’s my humble entry:

  21. Beverly Ann Says:

    I have read this several times, and each time find more. So many things to think about. Looking forward to reading it again.

  22. Oooh I love the horse powered hamster wheels…
    …. There is room for dead language footnotes…
    and the final line is sublime… one (veteran) single typefacing metal-headed ribbon slapping caste off writer to another.

  23. Shakespeare could not imagine texts and retweets… loved that line!

    This is definitely a poem that warrants a re-read. So much more found the second time through. Good poetry is like that!

  24. Elaine Spall Says:

    Brilliant. Nuff said!

  25. Very Stunning! and so refreshing reading a talented writer like yourself.

    Excellent! Stuff here,.

    ~Charlie Zero

  26. This is interesting.
    The comparisons between a typewriter and the internet.
    I know which one i think is better.
    Great poem and even better thoughts

  27. wow…get medieval if you so choose! this piece does indeed take me back to the days when i clunked out poems on a blue and white typewriter! …memories. thanx for the trip down imagination lane when it was so simple.

  28. Adam, your words took me on spiral journey.
    Wonderful piece.


  29. Wow! Amazing journey from history to present. It makes me wonder if I would believe what the future will be like. Great write!

  30. Clever, multi-layered, excellent.

  31. History of the word and the world, thoughts and passages, how far writers could look back to, how far still to peer into—that past solid though getting more hazed over, the future, ours, of ‘who knows’ coming to us with the speed of meteors. Thank you for such deep yet delightful poetry, same with your reading!

  32. “Get medieval if you so choose”
    What a trip through time. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure can’t hold up to this!

  33. The poem actually sank in full fledged when i heard you recite. Such pictorial depiction of progress, moving even faster than time …yet alas the loss of simplicity!

  34. the words are so powerful and wonderfully placed..”For a single typefacing metal-headed ribbon slapping caste off
    writer” – incredible

  35. Getting medieval with your bad ass writer/poet self…high five to your metal head! 🙂

  36. Mmmm this one makes me think of red fingernail polished girl working in a Circus office!

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