Self Pity

I am nothing
And don’t belong…
“Friends” don’t care
To ask, “what’s wrong?”

Though it’s my fault
As well a shame
I’m not there
When they complain

Writing honest
Hurt & proud
Wish that God
Would take me now

So what is wrong?
The answer’s me
Can’t change my life
Nor be happy


18 Responses to “Self Pity”

  1. *hugs u*

    Get it out then grow from it….

    That’s why we poets write…..its like breathing…..

    And sometimes even *nothing* is beautiful. I penned a poem about it…..

    Own this feeling just like u did by writing about it…. 🙂

    Tomorrow is a new day…..

  2. Adam, I am so surprised by the simplicity of the language, however am bowled over by the power that comes forth. At least you write honest, and that is what speaks loudest to me here. The greatest poems, for me, come not from happiness, rather from pain, hurt, loss…these are the things our heart’s feel the most, second only to love, which ultimately causes the best of pain, loss and hurt. A vicious cycle indeed. My only true friend is my notebook and cheap bic pen…everyone else’s complaining got on my nerves 🙂 I hope God don’t take you now…

  3. An honest write. A great way to shed some of that hurt and an even better way to heal. I’m always here to listen. Big Hugs. 🙂

  4. Hi Adam, I certainly echo what Natasha has written about hoping God doesn’t take you now. No way, buddy. I always enjoy reading your blog and often wonder how you’re getting on. I’ve also noticed the change in mood in the poems and thought about it quite a bit recently. Really sorry you’re going through this, take care and email me if you need to talk.

    Best wishes,


  5. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Hey Adam,
    So easy to say “we all go down this path” on similar emotions….if it could be so simple to believe in that, of individual/different situations…then with “self-pity” we can tell ourselves, “no, it’s not the same…who could understand…they don’t know…” ~ I guess if we don’t open up, no one does ask, sometimes we do open up, and they still don’t ask…maybe because they don’t feel it’s their place to…not so much that they don’t care….
    as a mere online friend I won’t ask…only tell you, over many years, experiences, downfalls, heart-breaks, and things I don’t speak of…I push ALL the LIMITS to keep going, to keep believing, I find things to help, direct, and indirect… for them all I am grateful…they give me back the pieces I’ve lost myself to at times…they give back ME.
    This writing perhaps has to be the most simply put, yet with the strongest impact I’ve seen of your writing….and I’m always moved, inspired, and impressed of your writing talents…don’t EVER give up on YOU Adam…you have so much to offer, even if it seems at times like only words, you grant a lot to others…even in this writing. 🙂 ~April

  6. Certainly hope that this particular poem reflects pure fiction my friend…a very sad tone to this one.

  7. Sometimes in the bleakest of moments, we are just processing to be able to get to the next step. It doesn’t necessarily feel like that in the moment, but time does bring us what we need most. Perhaps sounding cliche, but sometimes we just need that time in order to truly look at where we are and “see”.

    As far as the disconnect from the world, I think in our darkest hours we scare people. There but for the grace of God go I and all of that. In my grief I walked alone, but for the few brave and stalwart souls who had courage to hold my hand in the darkness. I can hear the powerful emotion threatening to wash you away in your voice. That scares people. They don’t know what to say or how to fix it. There is no fix, aside from to let you know that they are there. And to listen. Do not forget that you have many that are listening Adam. And many that care.

  8. Self pity…can bring us to our knees and to places that should never be visited….a place ..there is truly only one person that can help a person drowning in self pity and that is them….looking in the mirror loving the life that is reflected that is true love and road to moving forward….scary hat so many drown in it….bkm

  9. …honest, stark, and bleak… the type of poem that I gravitate toward, but often don’t have the nerve to post… sadly, I think that disclaimers (or sidebars) should be issued, thought I’m certain this is never a poet’s desire, so that the reader has some insight as to the nature of the poet’s current state –or , if it’s the poet’s state at all… either way, keep writing, your muse has more to say…shanti ~ angela

  10. oh, the powerlessness of it all…it is humbling (and later a big relief) to realize how little power we have…

    this is probably the most basic piece of writing from you I have read …as in I actually knew what all the words meant and half of the references didn’t fly over my head…

    I like it…

  11. all one can do is keep living… something comes to change things as long as we hold on. very powerful!

  12. ..the pain of self pity is relieved finally when we allow ourselves to be happy, but oh what a powerful emotion it is down there in the depths of our beings.

  13. sparrowsong Says:

    This poem speaks deeply to my heart. I was diagnosed with chronic depression a few years ago and have struggled with the darkness and the stigma it brings. I have only one dear acquaintance who has the patience for me and the rest of my community is entirely digital. It is a strange feeling, this wandering not-belonging. If we could have a poet island instead of being spread out all over the world, I think we would be happier people. But we are where we are for a reason, no matter how hard it may be on us sometimes. You keep on writing beautiful poetry and helping people all over the world. You make a difference in people’s lives. And that should be enough.

  14. I have often wondered about this thing we call self pity. It is viewed as a negative trait by those not suffering with it at the time. I smile because everyone wallows in it from time to time. I choose to look at it as a resting place, now, and call it the quiet beginnings to change. That is not so negative, in my book. So, very perceptive last line about not able to change……because, once we do? that stage is gone… I like this Adam.

  15. Garish Fantasy Says:

    the answer is always inside of us have depicted the image very well
    I am enjoying your poetry..thank you

  16. Well expressed sadness! If personal, I hope writing it somehow helps.

    And thanks again for participating in this week’s Limerick-Off!

  17. geofftalbot Says:

    pretty honest stuff… does it come and go… or do you feel this way all the time?

  18. We all have our ups and downs…. a learning experience. Thank you, Geoff.

    Thanks to everyone who commented. No worries.

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