On This Easter Day

Do you remember me, Grandma?
These lilies are for you
Picked them at your favorite park
The one near Arthur Kill

Imagine she misses Grandpa
Night lights in vacant eyes
Drawn to sudden song from birds
Past war abducted mind

Do you remember me, Grandma?
When I was Little D?
Within your yard I’d cross home plate
Pretend to be a Yankee

And will you remember me, Grandma?
On this Easter Day
Slave labor tortured
We’re out of time
I watch you wheel away

Would you care to hear me read this poem?

*The above poem is my response the One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge. The above photo is by a talented and kindhearted Canadian photographer, Mr. Greg Laychak! Check out his interview today over at OSP.

47 Responses to “On This Easter Day”

  1. this reminds me of one of my close friend’s relatives who now just wheels around in a home.. heartbreaking.

    really powerful poem dustus. got me with this one

  2. appreciate that. My best to your friend’s relatives *sigh*

  3. betweenhearts75 Says:

    A lump in my throat…think it’s my heart. My soft spot, the tenderness of the aging loved ones…I helped in the care of my own grandparents…not an easy task….this placement seems even harder to me being in a place away from family, though sometimes necessary….like with my father…whom passed Jan. 27, and I await word of services because of the Winter chills in the north, set for May 26th….*sigh with a tear Adam….

  4. I am very sorry to hear about your loss, April. Sincerest thanks for sharing that.

  5. Very emotional and sad.

  6. A very poignant poem Adam. ‘Night lights in vacant eyes’ and
    ‘Past war abducted mind’ conjures up nostalgia for what has been (and gone before). Then the lines;-
    ‘We’re out of time
    I watch you wheel away.’
    says it all – that we really have so little time here.
    Very powerful and effecting poem Adam!

  7. Sometimes forgetfulness, no matter what the clinical name, is a gift to those who have too much to remember. No wonder that the first stream one crossed in death was Lethe, forgetfulness. While we remember, and fiercely — for now. Fine poem.

  8. An opportunity to show love for the Grandma, a pleasant read

  9. thanks for sharing this is really sad and poignant thank you

  10. This is so so sad and so beautifully written, sweet and genuine

  11. The word is poignant, yet there’s also a child’s yearning for his grandmother, even if the child is an adult. Good poem, Adam.

  12. this last line made my heart break – watching you wheel away – sounded like much more than physically wheel away..and it’s so hard to let them go..a sensitive poem adam

  13. Painfully good. It brought tears to my eyes.

  14. Wow, Adam, this one really packs a punch. You pulled a story filled with raw emotion out of a still photograph and brought it to life. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Still the voice of innocence inquiring after her. You gave her children. That was warm and giving as is your work. Well written. Gay

  16. Oh, Adam…touching and heart-wrenching story. I feel the sadness in your words and have been in your shoes….and someday, we may be in hers. Happy Easter, friend.

  17. Time, it can be so cruel, but all must face it…a moving story contained within your words, Adam. Solid narrative.

  18. but she can never wheel so far that you lose her…

  19. So moving, Adam, especially when heard in your voice. I’m all overcome with goosebumps!

  20. Wonderfully touching write. Evoking true pain of watching our loved ones move through this time. Very lovely ~ Rose

  21. see? you wrote about your gramdmother.

    but, i have to add that you wrote very beautifully. i love the part about crossing the plate like a yankee. and the easter lilies.

    happy easter, my friend.


  22. Just deleted a comment b/c I didn’t want something satirical misinterpreted by others (I know you can relate to that). I have nothing but respect for you. A happy easter to you too.

  23. As Brendan says, sometimes forgetfulness is a great gift, and a process in untying us from pain and loss. The suffering is greater I think for those who aren’t remembered, as your poem shows, seeing the wealth of a lifetime locked where it can’t be found.

  24. “Night lights in vacant eyes” – this line speaks a thousand words – a very evocative poem Adam !

  25. This is heartbreaking!

  26. Touching account with hints of the child peeking in from the adult

  27. I have every right to state how I feel about a prompt. Do not remove my link and exclude me from participation in this prompt again. Brendan used a different photo. You have no right to play censor and JI’ll come after you. j

  28. Powerful post, tender words spoken of an aging need to keep in touch with histories of long ago, days gone by yet personal to each of us.

  29. Very tearful for the Holiday.

  30. Val Erde Says:

    Very moving. Especially when I heard you read it aloud.

  31. dude the slave labor line jumped out at me…sparse feelings with this…my MIL the last 2 years, pretty much…

  32. haunting, yet truthful..the memories that we recall hoping to find a glimmer of that time now gone ~

  33. A wonderful poem with both joy and sadness in it on this Easter day…love the childhood memories woven in.

  34. so sad. hopefully grandma get visitors on days other than just Christmas and Easter.

  35. What is that word when the thumb hugs another hand? Your poem created that response in my heart. Clear minded word choice and tenderness in the same phrasing. Wow

  36. This is so touching. Sad, yet so beautiful….

  37. Nicely done Adam.
    Grandma memories are always fond ones.

  38. Poignant and very moving.

  39. Just a touch of a little boy lost – hence touching…

  40. Beautiful tribute… I wish I had a Grandma to visit!

  41. So touching Adam..oh the horror of loneliness it would be so great at this age, then I cannot even try and think how I’ll feel at their age.

  42. “The Lilly’s are for you” This is so sweet and beautifully breathtaking, Adam
    We all face this reality of getting older..I hope I have someone who will bring me Lilly’s…thank you for taking the time to visit , I appreciate your feedback… ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

  43. Actually this was the first one I read yesterday; it’s tender and beautiful– shows your poet’s heart. xxxj

  44. Well-written, good piece.

  45. What a great poem. Saddness in the words but great. Thanks for stopping by to read mine. The lines you like are my favorite too, I almost feel like it’s a shame that the poem goes the route it does. I’ll have to reuse them in another way maybe in the future:-)

  46. ladynimue Says:

    Miss my granny so much reading this .. its just last month she was visiting us and i wish i could go n meet her again ..

  47. Very sad poem. Well written.

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