In Love Again

I’d give anything to laugh, my friend
Feel new life in love again
Pluck bluebells for your bouquet
Smell May flowers as we lay

Upon spread quilt, mid-afternoon
Wind song plays inspired tunes
Her hands caress away iced pain
Under cherry blossom rain

And as we cling like shaking leaves
Our journeys end with sharing peace
In love again, this breathing bliss
There is no time lost while we kiss

*Photograph is courtesy of UK photographer Fee Easton.Β  There will be a special One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge based on her photography on May 14th. Stay tuned.

91 Responses to “In Love Again”

  1. Longing for love is such a good feeling isn’t it…at least I like it, sometimes its better than love itself πŸ˜‰

    You capture it so beautifully here, a true poetic heart calling out for his summers romance. Beautiful write! ~ Rose

  2. You have no idea how much I long for love again! Seems like its been too long since I felt that love…the kind you capture here…

    I love love…and am diggin’ this poem Adam! πŸ˜‰

  3. Just beautiful!

  4. i too long for love… very touching…. fee easton xx

  5. This feeling, tenuous perfection. Thanks for making me stop and remember what it does feel like Adam πŸ™‚

  6. W Shipley Says:

    Thats just perfect..the poem really flows with the superb image Fee has taken. You know it’s love or indeed friendship, when those tiny details about a precious person, the insignificant to most people, seem incredible and magnificent to you

  7. awwww – nothing better than being in love…romantic and sensitive write adam..and a fantastic pic to go with it..can smell the flowers and the emotions…smiles

  8. Feels like Beck’s “I Think I’m in Love,” which is a good thing. The combination of nervousness and conviction is a subtle theme to convey, and this is a choice example here.

    Excellent! πŸ˜€

  9. Love and Spring…a perfect match…so enjoyed the poem.

  10. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Laughter, such an important part in that first line…such beauty breathed throughout this…. cannot help but smile πŸ™‚ Well done dear friend! ~April

  11. […] I'd give anything to laugh, my friend Feel new life in love again Pluck bluebells for your bouquet Smell May flowers as we lay Upon spread quilt, mid-afternoon Wind song plays inspired tunes Her hands caress away iced pain Under cherry blossom rain And as we cling like shaking leaves Our journeys end with sharing peace In love again, this breathing bliss There is no time lost while we kiss __________________________________ Would you like to hear … Read More […]

  12. There is nothing quite so like the feeling of love…it is no wonder so many would give anything for it, to lose themselves even for those fleeting moments of a warm embrace. A beautiful piece to couple with spring, my friend. All too appropriate.

  13. ettevik Says:

    Your expression of the fragility of a new love in the poem and the fresh new colours of spring in the picture, it’s a perfect match ! Congratulations ! It’s beautiful to read, thank you for sharing this!

  14. Aw it’s out there for us all somewhere, so they say, whoever they are. Just hoping maybe some of us will at least see a glimpse of it before we die, and no time is ever wasted in kissing. Unspoken communication is the best kind, always.

  15. Your poem really picks up on the timeless feel in the photo, adam. Almost a fairytale quality. Esp like the final stanza.

  16. That is a very sweet piece Adam. You create a lovely vision in this simple rhymed poem.

    And as for love- Me too Dustus!

  17. mmm…love is a grand feeling adam….i wish it upon you…a beautiful rendering

  18. very beautiful… haven’t been in love once, & this makes me want love a 2nd time πŸ™‚ heheh

  19. Ah love is in the air… inviting as it May πŸ™‚

  20. “Pluck bluebells for your bouquet
    Smell May flowers as we lay”
    This is very nice metaphor, with spring love comes. Nice shot.

  21. A moving and very evocative love poem. I really enjoyed this Adam. Thank you.

  22. you old romantic devil, you πŸ™‚

  23. I wish you springtime, I wish you ardor, I wish you love. Time does stop when you’re “in love” but loving and being loved is so much richer, deeper and ultimately satisfying. Spring brings the joy of it all for all nature echoes that desire! Beautiful.

  24. Wings across waters Says:

    Beautiful.. : )

  25. Ah, there’s nothing to beat it. Great words.

  26. “Her hands caress away iced pain
    Under cherry blossom rain”

    (Those are my favorite lines.)

    May love such as you have described be yours.

  27. Shaking Leaves, perfectly perfect, Adam! What a perfectly perfect poem.


  28. ‘I’d give anything to laugh, my friend
    Feel new life in love again’
    ‘Pluck bluebells’
    ‘Smell May flowers’ whilst
    ‘Her hands caress away iced pain’
    I so wish it too, replete with
    those butterfly feelings freshly grew
    ~ may those wings take flight ~
    ’cause you just never know what’s
    around the corner ~ to ‘stroke away that pain’ ~
    So lovely Adam ~ with many wishes wished ~ Lib ~ @Libithina

  29. Filled with tender expression…

  30. there is friendship, as well as romance, in your poem, and for my part, that’s what makes it lovely. a perfect match for that gorgeous photo…

  31. romantic and gentle…perfect for spring!

  32. And this, my friend, brings me spinning back to the beautiful, vibrant light that is life. The photo, absolutely stunning, and the words? Brilliant, hopeful, breathing and so very much alive and in love. It is the beauty of connection that is shared here, under the cherry blossom rain. Encore…I await more! πŸ™‚

  33. Being in-love the best feeling. I love your poem and I love the photo.

  34. I feel lucky to have that kind of love every day, even as I approach my 27th anniversary. There’s nothing like true love.

    Nice one shot. I like the photo and look forward to the special prompt.

  35. Yes… at least once more…

  36. This is so lovely and romantic!

  37. *sigh*…..this is incredibly beautiful — and the photo? *swoon*

  38. Beautiful love poem, Adam. And with cherry blossomed rain.

  39. Well, Adam…you have tapped into something universal. Every time I come here there is something more to admire. Vb

  40. Is there anything more magical that new love in the springtime? You’ve captured that magic so beautifully. Perfect picture for the poem, too.

  41. Wonderful imagery, smart diction, lovely cadence, good writing.

  42. Gorgeous photo… I want to lie in that sea of flowers near that tree. No wonder you were inspired to write so sweetly of love again. Great write!

  43. New love is fantastic. A once in a lifetime thing in any relationship. I’ve been married 21 years May 5th and I still remember all the energy and “zing” the first 6 weeks or so of knowing each other. πŸ™‚ He is STILL great, but that “time” is really special. Sweet, very sweet words you wrote.

  44. There is no time lost as we kiss.. Beautiful, both your words and that image. I so liked this poem. I miss someone very badly at times, and wish she were there again…I could relate to this.. πŸ™‚

    My One Shot Poem

  45. Spring love, hope after winter

  46. Just lovely! And thanks so much for participating in my latest Limerick-Off!

  47. Great way to spend an afternoon… πŸ™‚

  48. poignant and gentle.

  49. I kinda agree with Rose!
    Sometimes travel is better than reaching the destination..

    In love again, this breathing bliss
    There is no time lost while we kiss.. made me smile!

    Hugs xox

  50. Anita Wakeham Says:

    I think I gave up on love. Your poem leaves me wistful though Adam. Beautiful.


  51. Wow, beautiful – a longed for journey into a happier life. May flowers always brings a memory of youth and more innocent times.

  52. “under cherry blossom rain”…what a glorious way to envision love…oh, those wonderful opiates released by our brain when the chemistry between two people animate our entire scope of vision…to find love again is a rare thing and how you are so well aware of this, and your poem wants to share those indescribable feelings of elation…but more importantly your words belong side by side enhancing each other, as you and your new found love do…what a joy to read…true poetry…

  53. No time lost as we kiss…. Yet a kiss can remove a couple from the space/time paradigm completely…

  54. Beautiful. I loved the visual that this line provided: “And as we cling like shaking leaves”

  55. Tino11 Says:

    First time I have ever listened to someone narrate their own poem. It kind of brings a whole new perspective.

    I have a cherry tree outside my bedroom window and right now, I am seeing my own cherry blossom rain.

  56. beautifully written at a beautiful time of year

  57. ThirtyCreative Says:

    ‘Feel new life in love again’ is my favorite line. I guess we all wish for this.

  58. ladynyo Says:

    What a beautiful love poem…what is it about Spring that brings forth such passion??? More than the floating pollen.

    Lady Nyo

  59. I love a poem that takes me away. This is a beautiful vision.

  60. What a beautiful expression of that which still lives in our hearts, sometimes dormant and atrophied yet still alive enough to awaken in the dawn after reading a poem like yours. There is hope beneath the trees filled with cherry blossoms. Thanks for the awakening.

  61. mm..mmm beautiful to feel in love..
    hmm..ho hum when will I fall in love πŸ™‚ want to feel this state of bliss

  62. signed .............bkm Says:

    So true…time is never lost in the mist of a kiss….a lovely romantic write for spring…bkm

  63. I absolutely love this, the quatrains and the rhythm, blissful remembrances. Absolutely submerged in this world, well done! πŸ™‚

  64. Who wears bonnets anymore? (LOL!)

    A delightful piece, Adam!

    (And a brilliant photo – I look forward to the14th)

  65. Your words paint a delightful portrait of Spring…Lovely! ☺

  66. All of the hopeless romantics among us love your poem—

  67. First, I must applaud Fee on her amazing photograph; it brought me right back to England, on my horse in Burridge Wood, Exmoor. And your poem was perfect. It embodied that spring fever flush of frustration and desire – part pleasure, part pain. Nice one, Adam.

  68. lovely lovely lovely…especially “under cherry blossom rain”~ such a beautiful image…es muy romantico ~

  69. What a beautiful love song. I remember Fee’s photography from another photo prompt I’ve done. It’s fantastic! Can’t wait!

  70. captivating! I love the “Her hands caress away iced pain
    Under cherry blossom rain”. Great line and great one shot!

  71. An excellent poem about longing. Beautiful imagery.

  72. “…And as we cling like shaking leaves
    Our journeys end with sharing peace…”

    Wow, Adam! What a sweet masterfully rhymed love song!

  73. oh, to be in love… the images flow along the stream of your words in such a lovely way, Adam. a beautiful love song and the photograph is a perfect accompaniment.

  74. So beautiful and romantic imagery here, …Great write.

  75. beautiful, filled with wistful thoughts of lost innocence yet imagery that still paints hope.

  76. Very beautiful, I feel the love within the picture as it reaches out through the pores that transcend through the words.

  77. Wow! I love this poem. It is so beautiful! It felt so real. I have been there.

  78. β€œcling like shaking leaves” – omg, this was a river of romance, wanting, and sensuality. I really enjoyed the images and sentiment, adam.

  79. Just fills me with warmth.
    I can smell the spring
    Feel the petals upon my cheek.

  80. I hope you find the love you seek.

  81. I read and heard your poem, never realised that its so beautiful to be in love. Loved the imagery, cling like shaking leaves…could feel the impact of each word when you were reading it. Radhika

  82. Beautiful poem and photo!

  83. That is a very beautiful piece of writing, Adam.
    Love the image!

  84. So fun to hear you read it!

  85. Depth and beauty. I like it!!!

  86. This is wonderful! I enjoyed the flow as well.

  87. […] *The above photograph is courtesy of UK photographer & friend Fee Easton. Fee returns to One Stop Poetry for a second time. Her photos comprise today’s One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt challenge. Fee also lent me the photo prompts for my triolet called A Golden Scheme and a recent poem called In Love Again. […]

  88. serenemusings Says:

    Lovely photo and words. The longing and need to recreate… That’s what spring does to one’s spirits πŸ™‚

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