Birdside View – #FlashFiction

I’m pleading: “Dude… Let it go.”

…Waitress delivers shots, shakers, lime wedges, perspiring Coronas.

“Nope. Gonna buy that white house next door. Paint a Godzilla-sized middle finger on the side. Let her admire that every time she sprinkles her prize petunias.”

“Umm… that’s extremely juvenile.”

“Yep,” he belches. “But it’s good you’re finally laughing, Bro.”


Care for a Flash55 Reading?

(Microfiction in 55 words)

14 Responses to “Birdside View – #FlashFiction”

  1. moondustwriter Says:

    Like the way you feel you are dumped into the middle of a script
    and then its over …

    Happy Friday (almost)

  2. LOL That’s funny. Pretty irritating to the neighbor (his ex?)

  3. oml…G should get a kick out of this one…i’d say instead of the bird, paint her your words…much greater sting…

  4. excellent…..and what a painting that would be…

  5. Okay…talking about a fun reading…had to chuckle out loud as I listened to this…thanks for the smiles.

  6. Yuck! But yes, I want to do the same

  7. What some people will do for a laugh! lol

  8. LOL…now we see the dark side of your soul…smiles

  9. It IS good when we make our friends laugh!


  10. I must say, I like the idea!

  11. hehe…hmm…i have known a few neighbors…smiles.

  12. had to have a peek and see what 55 was ~ and it was real neat ~ 🙂
    yep let her chew on that ~ :)_ Lib ~ hope you’re OK

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