When Machines Mend

photo by Rob Hanson

Forgetting, over hours
Details under interrogating fluoresence
When machines mend
This antique Elizabethport Singer
Will bind sturdy seams again
Holes in ripped jeans
An old weblos patch
Then I’ll pay the pub a visit
Talking over 2 buck drafts
Pouring to home; a smile basks
Planning new tapestries
The artist tips his frosty glass

When Machines Mend reading…
The above poem was written for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. Rob Hanson took the fantastic HDR photo.  Today he is interviewed over at One Stop Poetry.

30 Responses to “When Machines Mend”

  1. Like it. Very down to earth. It’s the voice, it seems so very real…a relateable scene for any man that loves his work. And it certainly sounds like my preferred way of doing it – knocking off for a drink and getting right back to it! Heh. There’s dedication and personality in this. Quite enjoyable my friend.

  2. Great interview today, Chris!

  3. Nicely, nicely done. Loved the comforting feel of it and very imaginative!

  4. Nicely, nicely done. Loved the comforting feel of it and very imaginative!

  5. ‘Pouring to home; a smile basks’
    Fitting end to a fitting day – love the warmth and reliability – the essence of the voice – great poem.

  6. i can feel the sense of accomplishment in this.that cold frosty drink is a reward well deserved!

  7. Great feel to this one adam, of intricacy and simplicity both, and I especially like the detail that makes the photo three dimensional and real, the weblos patch, the two buck draft, and the phrases where the words are collaborating perfectly–“interrogating flourescence” and “pouring to home”–an enjoyable and well-crafted piece, full of life.

  8. Love the poem and the audio Adam – he mindlessly does his work with perfection looking forward to his 2 buck draft – lovely !! Steve

  9. You have made me thirsty for that first summer beer.

  10. very nice adam. your words are smooth and playful as is your character…sounds like a cool guy to hang around with. you got the skilz when it comes to word play as well…

  11. What a celebration of the artisan, and his dying art of turning raw materials into something serviceable and beautiful.

  12. ..will bind sturdy seams again..isn’t it so cool if our work is to make things whole again…love the atmosphere of devoted craftsmanship you paint adam

  13. It’s lovely, Adam, with a kind of smile and wistfulness about it, with that smile basking and “planning new tapestries.”

  14. The artist tips his frosty glass…love the ending Dustus

  15. Adam,
    I loved the flow to your poem, especially at the end. It was a nice touch bringing the artistic sense to the work being done. Thank you for sharing.
    ~Corbie Sinclair

  16. Adam, nicely done. The ending was perfect.

  17. Very fine poem in response to visual prompt…it drew a complete scene of life.

  18. Great response to the photo…I like how you keyed into the old Singer and named it; and the line, “Pouring to home; a smile bask” is fabulous. Nice write, indeed ~

  19. beautifully crafted Adam ~ couldn’t resist popping in ~ the art of this craftsman ~ lost in his work ~ hours pass ~ and I can just feel the cold wet on the outside of his glass ~ with grease etched lined hands ~ a much deserved quench after a job well done ~ so comforting and satisfying ~ as ever Adam ~ Lib

  20. Very nice Dustus…the tipping of the frost..what a thoughtful ending with the mind in a land of tapestries and promises of more…bkm

  21. moondustwriter Says:

    Can feel and hear that old singer whirring – what a gr8 piece of nostalgia Adam
    Hope all is going well amigo – miss ya

  22. I hate machines but I do like your poem! 🙂

  23. Hey Dustus good to see you on the links again…really enjoyed this piece “Pouring to home; a smile basks” beautiful words! ~ Rose

  24. love this adam– beautiful compression and music– one of your best. xxj

  25. I like how you keyed into details of the photo (the flourescent light, sewing machine) that many missed and drew attention to them. You crafted a comforting, lovely story of a craftsman here. Really enjoyed it.

  26. Enjoyed the rhythm – I could actually hear a sewing machine at work as I read.

  27. “… interrogating fluoresence
    When machines mend…”

    …and the vivid images along with the solid rhymes make this, for me, another outstanding work from you, Adam! I love the reality that leaps out of the image and how in the end, indeed, we know we cannot really tel which is which. Thanks again!

  28. This is a great train of thought Adam.
    I like how your poetry always gets me thinking

  29. “Planning new tapestries”…. Oh, I like that a lot!

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