photo by Rob Hanson

Above this dusty relic phone
Laughter spring sentience
A map of soles
Connects body

Movement calling arches;
Come in arches—
Convivial apogees
for filigree
Mechanisms fuse wire, ligaments
It’s cliché to say when you least expect it
Like news, dropping bombs without warning
To lose yourself through charged sentiment
Returning to amend again
Biochemical remnants
Stains memory into the glass of years
That should forever
Your silence…

Five-alarm warnings, imploring, before life ends
Regrets that, meant, honor, discontent, mendicant
More when voices
Distill vibrations
Rendering whispers…
Most soothing…
Feathered sighs…

Do I spy falsies?
Maybe that’s clear
Levity during tears for mortality
Intense, sears carving reality
As tragedy snuffs out waning night
Death pronouncements through the tunneled ear
Cease climbing toward the apex right
When singing bird chirps fill the morning air

Yes, I’m missing sweet words
The ones that we hold dear
Recalling felt a soft smooth face
Even hang ups, wrong numbers

Just wishing love to hear

Want to listen to Eavesdropping?
The above poem was written for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. Rob Hanson took the fantastic HDR photo. Today, it is Part 2 of Mr. Hanson’s interview with Chris G. at One Stop Poetry. Awesome photographer. Go check out the interview.

34 Responses to “Eavesdropping”

  1. smiles. dude you rock the word play and got some wicked flow…so much to say about the phone…the worst is the ringing one in the middle of the night, never a good sign…and T and I were just talking about people not using the phone as much to make those connections…do i spy falsies made me chuckle…and hope your phone rings in a good way my friend…

  2. Never know what to expect when that phone rings in the middle of the night. Thanks, brian

  3. “Just wishing love to hear”

    that’s what i want from my phones. great One Shoot, Adam!

  4. Wow…really dig the choice and placement of words in this one. Feels fantastic to read out loud…I have read it several times for the sheer enjoyment of the language and word play!

    The close of the poem…I know that feeling…that deep longing for any sort of connection…You capture that hollow, emotional and it hits hard!
    “Even hang ups, wrong numbers”…

  5. ♥ the image and the words are lovely

  6. I felt very emotionally driven when reading this poem, the writing spells out passion “do I spy falsely may be that’s clear”

  7. Even before I listened to you reading this I could hear your voice…this is your mark, your stamp. I love it

  8. Your words are lovely and full of emotion. ‘When singing bird chirps fill the morning air Yes, I’m missing sweet words
    The ones that we hold dear’ Love this especially.

  9. The poem unfolds like layers…I think of a rolled tapestry…as it unfolds, pieces of images shape…”sensify”… and then readjust with a little more unfolding! A fascinating drama!

  10. Loved this phrase “A map of soles
    Connects body
    Instep…” , and the “arches”… remind me of last week’s shoe workshop photo (this phone looks like it belongs there) ; you make a nice connection linking the two. I love the ending, “Even hang ups, wrong numbers/Just wishing love to hear”; leaves a sense of longing, waiting. Nice work!

  11. I enjoyed this write Adam

    “Come in arches—
    Convivial apogees for filigree
    Mechanisms fuse wire, ligaments”

    I found this tercet to be a remarkable and delicious use of words! Fantastic write ~ Rose

  12. good poem adam – loved the flow and like telephone cables, you connect from one line to the next…personally i’m no telephone friend at all…i use my iphone for everything but not for making phone calls..and i almost never answer the phone when i’m at home…makes my fam mad…agh..

  13. So much transpires over the phone. Caller ID ruins some of the suspense of picking up the phone though, don’t you think? Middle of night phone calls ARE the worst. A great write.

  14. Lynne H. Says:

    This is an excellent spoken word piece and I agree with the others..great word play. Love stanza #4….Now excuse me while I go make a call:-)

  15. I really like this — in particular, I love listening to your voice reading it — like the jammin’ quality of the rythym.

  16. I liked the idea of phones being like an organic connection, kinda like computers are now. Hearing you read it added a lot.

  17. *sigh*

    ‘blossom like.

  18. mechanisms and ligaments…nice.brings to mind a hodge podge of dreams and wishes all filtered through the miracle of ma bell.the last stanza reminds me of late nites i spent under the covers with that special someone.

  19. What a craftsman’s use of every ounce of nuance a word can bring, adam, from the first stanza with its multiple double entendres, all through your penetrating evocation of all that passes between two people on every kind of wire. This is a wonderful Sunday for love poems, and this one makes me feel young. I hate to start quoting because there’s so much but the lines that conclude the second stanza are just brilliant as diamonds.

  20. Mine are usually wrong numbers at 2am, texting has taken away the romance of the telephone, which is a huge shame, I still remember talking to my mum for the first time after moving away in a cold draughty hallway. Also remember the nights away from my kids in hotel rooms and yearning to hear their voices before crashing. Great poem, love the lines

    To lose yourself through charged sentiment
    Returning to amend again
    Biochemical remnants…

    triple meaning loaded into those lines. Will take me a while to figure all of this one out, not as sharp as some of your readers 😉

  21. Always interesting to hear you read as I can imagine it on an Open Mic night. The ‘form’ of the poem I’ve noticed some other Americans use in that almost free associations of images or perhaps more like jazz improvisations around an idea/central image. I assume with it’s roots in Whitman and Ginsberg but building on the many innovations of free verse. That I’m reading An Exaltation of Forms by Annie Finch tells you where I am starting from

  22. Rockin the word play on this one. Tis my favourite type of poem, a meandering of meanings with flow filtered tightly, but not so much as to jar. You’ve some brilliant lines, nothing cliche about it, well done ~

  23. Thanks, Adam. Nicely set to the image.

  24. Do I spy falsies brought me back to the surface with a laugh. This is fantastic.

  25. Hello, it was to I felt a powerful poem. That in twined the image to it.

  26. I don’t know how you do this! You stretch my mind and rearrange my thoughts completely. I’m hoping that’s exactly what you intend. Just wishing love to hear… wonderful.

  27. The last line is so effectively setup by the structure and word choice of the poem…nicely done.

  28. Nice. I loved the spontaneous feel of the words.

  29. A lot to say, very creative, effective. I hate the phone for much the ame reason. Loved the words, line development, ur process. Super flow. Great job again.


  30. I could hear you in this poem before I even heard you do this poem! I love the beat, the rhythm, the way the words play off each other. We do lose something of that organic connection of the phone when we text. There’s no voice quality, no emotional tone (even w/emoticons!)

  31. A step over to the dark side. lol
    Awesome as always Adam

  32. Adam, I love this. The first lines had me and then the journey continued,nicely done. I just had a conversation about this with my best friend how connecting with people has changed on so many levels-sigh.

  33. Really good one! I like your reading very much…the slight echo is very fitting.

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