The Walking Dead

Can this be hell?
What can I tell?
False perceptions
Frozen stroll—

Distorting what one
Thinks too…

Sense expansion among possible side effects

Light severs eyes with flooding lens
Ghosts trod hunchbacked in marching bend
Warning sign an angry red
Tears may shed without regret
It’s not about what others get

Fugue state alters how some stand
Caught amid processional blend
As fear surreal, can’t comprehend
What we perceive may be pretend

And it is your dream…

That needed to amend
While higher consciousness attends

No outlet taped to concrete block
Transit rumbling after shock
Their streaking frames in motion caught
Silent nightmare scene
Rose-tinted land
Watch us go by
The walking dead

Want to listen to The Walking Dead?
Next Sunday will be my last post for
One Stop Poetry

I’d like to thank all of you who have supported my work and encouraged me to write my best.  And special thanks to Chris G. for turning One Shoot Sunday into something great.  We’re sorry to see it end. Thank you for your understanding and for sharing your amazing work with us on Sunday.

*photo by outstanding photographer Neil Alexander

41 Responses to “The Walking Dead”

  1. a very good one!

  2. Glad you liked it. TY for commenting

  3. There’s a lot of good stuff in here. I like the walking dead concept.

    Good image – the hunchbacks.
    Their streaking frames in motion caught (yeah -> Totally)


  4. ooh, what a creepy tale… great stuff, Sir.

  5. i have always loved your work but have grown to love you more..we had a blast and looking forwad to that pint..enjoy the break my friend..pete

  6. spooky and eerie …..wouldn’t want to read it to anyone of a nervous disposition …loved it thank you

  7. haha…read in context this is hilarious and sad, intended or otherwise…a scary tale indeed…what we see is not what may be…thank you adam…see you soon

  8. Many of the people we pass each day truly are “walking dead”.. allowing fro pain and suffering to mute the joys of each new day..

    You really broke this one down and I much enjoyed.
    Love this stanza:
    “Fugue state alters how some stand
    Caught amid processional blend
    As fear surreal, can’t comprehend
    What we perceive may be pretend”


  9. chasingtao Says:

    Adam…the very image I was going to write on, and you captured so much of what I was thinking of as I viewed the photo…I especially liked:

    “Fugue state alters how some stand
    Caught amid processional blend
    As fear surreal, can’t comprehend
    What we perceive may be pretend”

    Methinks there be much more truth in thy words than many may perceive…

    Roger ☺

  10. another great read and write adam (i so like your voice – your real and your poetic…smiles) tight lines in this…scary at times…and of course i read it through the glasses i wear..

  11. beautiful poetry… i am trance like walking too~

    love these lines: And it is your dream…
    That needed to amend
    While higher consciousness attends

    I am sorry to see you go in OSP as I just introduced to the community. Best of luck in your next adventure!

  12. I enjoyed listening to your voice as I read this- nice one!

  13. speaking of false perceptions…it’s MISS black to you, adam dustus. don’t make me have to come back here and kick you in the shins with my stage boots!

  14. This is great, Adam – the poem – not you leaving osp. All my favorite people are leaving. I’m going to have to follow you all around to see what you end up doing. All my favorites are saying goodbye 😦

    But, truly this is one of my favorites so far. Really cool!

  15. Oo, interesting take my friend…not one I would have seen…think mine might have focused more on the buddhist aspect (my eyes keep slamming right back dead center, to what appears to be a monk). Some sound lines throughout, but if I had to pick a favorite stanza it would have to be:
    “Fugue state alters how some stand
    Caught amid processional blend
    As fear surreal, can’t comprehend
    What we perceive may be pretend”

    Beautifully constructed and powerfully delivered, that stanza is. Adore it and the language therein. As a whole, though, another great write, with your distinctive voice and craft.

    It’s been such a pleasure working with you, man – coffee, we must certainly grab it again in the near future.

  16. I coach in a program that talks about ‘the walking dead’ — and you have captured the state well.

    A surreal journey into lives left unlived.


  17. Atmospheric and full of wordplay that catches the eye an enhances the meaning–esp liked “…Light severs eyes with flooding lens/
    Ghosts trod hunchbacked in marching bend…” but the ending is also strong. Fine work in interpreting the nuance of this shot, my friend. I will miss these sundays, and wednesdays at your place.

  18. great, love the orange and hell combo.

  19. The walking dead… so interesting, your words capture the truth that what we see may not really be. Excellent write!

    And you too?! I will still continue to read!

  20. Just so you know…I’ll seek out your work no matter where I have to go to find it! Between you and Brian, and the fantastic work you guys post each and every week, I have been driven to become better! I want to be like you guys! lol Sorry, I try to refrain from cheeseball moments on your blog for some reason, but seriously, I am almost always awe struck by your work, which motivates me to try harder. This piece is no exception. Love the title, the concept, and the take on the awesome image.

    • Aww. Thank You! Tasha, your poem was outstanding. Brian and I will be working on a project that hopefully will help many writers down the road. Anyway, what you say is not cheeseball! lol Seriously, I’m touched by your comment.

  21. Your words really added a deeper level of emotion to the image. The second stanza is just stunning. ~ Rose

  22. And it is your dream…
    That needed to amend
    While higher consciousness attends

    From your powerful poem that gains more power with your reading, I picked this stanza that to me fits the light that belie the clouded moment in this site. I’ll miss your poems and your voice but specially your kind and generous words about my ‘shots’ and ‘shoots’! What has made of my coming here to OSP a blast is really meeting you and the rest of the OSP team whose amazing genuineness comes through what limited words you’ve shared. Thanks again, Adam!

  23. This would make an excellent soundtrack for a video…so many possible subjects to shoot along any city street.

  24. what a haunting version …well done.

  25. Ooooh very dark and mysterious poem Adam! the image is fantastic and goes so well with this poem – where ever did you find it? The poem itself reminds me of a book by Will Self called ‘How the Dead Live’ – both a fascinating read 🙂

  26. brilliant! one of my favorites, Adam.

  27. Oooh… love this one. Powerful depth beyond the simple framework, depth of other senses… wonderful write.

    Thanks for stopping by my write… hope to continue to see you around blogland.

  28. love the walking dead theme – the dark side of poetry always resonates with me – the sappy love poems are overdone, IMHO. Glad to hear that two great minds are going to continue working together for the good of all. Best of luck and God bless, Adam.

  29. Great poem! I came across this by good old Google!

  30. what the hell happened? You guys are writing around it and obviously upset– and I am sorry about that. We should all be able to work through our issues, even when we get angry with one another. You’re a fine writer, Adam. xxxj

  31. This is so intense and so much said yet a beautiful dignified way of saying it all. Loved it.

  32. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed linking to your One Shoot poem every Sunday, Adam. This past Sunday, it was just too painful for me… But today I want to express my heart-felt thanks for all you have done over at OSP. You were such a driving force and inspiration to all the emerging poets who linked their work, in the hope that someone would read their words. Thank you for that. I wish you all the best in your writing endeavours – and predict great things to come.

  33. jennygoth Says:

    enjoyed reading this my kind of blog xxjen

  34. it’s true walking way more than waking… so often. thought provoker. :] xx

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