Here in ambient sound
Imagination runs away
To borderline off space and time
Where dreams no longer fade

The incessant hum of florescent tubes
Swiveling metal fan
An old fridge clanks restocking ice
Thinking tends to plot, then land 

Here what’s found my love
From years one can’t replace
A stuttering heart one torn apart
Mind shovels over buried pain

Because here my will returns
And here I’m not the same
Alone upon this earth for now
Reborn and not afraid

Sincere imitation….
(dustus guitar solo)


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2 Responses to “Rebirth”

  1. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Absolutely amazing as always Adam. It was so nice to see an update come to my email of your post. It has been a long time. (Possibly forgotten PoeticHeart34 on Twitter lol) I’ve stepped away from blogging and certain things for the protection of myself and family. I still write but not as often. I set myself more into my artwork and painting though I miss so many in my online writing world. I hope you have been well and soooo very happy to see and hear your work still moving as ever.
    Keep smiles

    • Hi April. Missed you and can relate to your reason for stepping away. More importantly, glad you’re well and still creating.
      Whether you choose to share or not, keep going in whatever artistic form moves you. Perhaps that’s the only way for people like us to be happy.

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