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Dying Requests

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Before I die
Light these Roman candles
Like a bartender pours 3 double-shots in a row
Across glass molds formed from ounces blown

Without break to flow phelgmatic
In jest congestion; the hypocritically kind—
Exiled into passive-aggression
Too young for hardened arteries
Too old repeats inside my mind 

Biochemical cured concrete
Spun within human drums
Arrhythmic beatings
Spread feelings harden

Dendritic shorts come to naught
Failed circuit switch
Mined powder, dementia

Whitewashing anguish
Extinguishing, we perish
Each cause ill fate
Go ahead and stare
at me…
I will never blink
Being partly there

No smoking hot Medusa
Wilting willow hair for snakes

Think of me as Dostoyesky

Hearing appraisal howls

Trumpet blares, wailing wolf

Rejoicing from inner war

Before night quells peace

When missing sentences kill

Me, Anna Karenina

This solitude, an empty room

Torture acts
Beyond contemplation
Mourning life
Lost sight
Truth lies
Self taken

Arresting spirit, one-way vacation
Upon snowflake-pattern doily
A flower vase empty, missing blooms
Frost replaced spring afternoons
Table-sized at grandma’s
Fighting epileptic agony
“Verily, Verily, I say unto you,”
What is memory
When depression wills?
Light unto infinity
Judgments nobody asks until

Engravement upon his tombstone
“Except a corn of wheat fall
Into the ground and die

When hammers chiseling tragedy
Carved below an arc of slate
To make the place of rest, decay
For all our flesh
That is fate
We are the dirt
I am afraid

Cancer sticks
They too pass on
Dismissed, not lit
Tasting chemically bitter
Having lost rounds through half-life
Eclipsed sunshine; wax-sealed
Penny lain upon each eye
As the music leaves
This prop stands, waiting
For someone to finally don’t shoot me

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*This poem is my response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. The prompt was shot by photographer Fee Easton, featured today on One Stop Poetry.

Together Time

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My love craves sweet together time
For life affirms emotions bared

As if stars shine like Coldplay lines
My love craves sweet together time
On beachfront sand we lay supine
One soul suspends like salt in air
My love craves sweet together time
For life affirms emotions bared

Would you like to hear me read this Triolet?
A, B, a, A, a, b, A, B (iambic)

*Special thanks to my OSP teammate Claudia. If you have not yet, check out her blog Splittergewitter

Artistic Reckoning

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The following post for One Shot Wednesday is also my response to the latest Bookstains Poetry Challenge.  The challenge is write a poem about Grant Wood’s iconic painting American Gothic.  If interested in participating, then click here for details.

Approximately 650 miles from Winesburg, Ohio
Much nearer sticks to hospitable care
When boring wood lampooned beliefs
You may feel free
Bury me there

Ulysses & Grant would go home again
Iowa forgiving prodigal pride
Blond Emily Dickinson stares into oblivion
Poseidon’s prop gripped by father time

Behind them lies someone’s home
Spring arresting American plume
Sprouting hawthorn of unmentionable kinds
Reckoning they did die here too

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