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A Life That Works

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I’d like to share a happy song
Figure out what does go wrong
Itching scalp from burning sun
Seldom let myself have fun…

Want it real?
Sushi raw?
Lacerations from a jaded saw?
I’d like to tell you how I feel
Man up from clown
Stand ground, appeal

Layers of an onion shed
Nightmare turns away pretend
The ceiling shows time’s twisted flow
Adjusting eyes tune street lamp glow

These walls are bare
As will, heartbeats
Jugular, nose
Breathe, repose
This is what a writer chose
As muffled echos ocean close
Interstate drone
Time alone
Everything I wrote and own
Spells drip catching studio skylight—
Wings melt into a candle vigil and
A life that works
Perceived self-worth
To walk this earth
Past pain, main, rebirth
Limbs coated with sweat
My pride, hair, and dirt

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Nominated for Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere

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I think everyone knows how much I love posting my poetry online. Well, I was nominated for the 2011 Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. If you feel I deserve it, you can vote for me via the link below.
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The Reason I Write

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , on April 18, 2011 by dustus

Don’t leave love
Whispers fade, our time
No bell curves
Nor lines heard
Could never explain to you
The reason I write

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*The above poem is my attempt at the Shadorma form.

“Shadorma is a 6 line poem (sestet) of Spanish descent with no set rhyme scheme. The shadorma is a syllabic poem with the following structure: 3/5/3/3/7/5”

Learn more about the Shadorma & try one today @ One Stop Poetry Form Monday – guest host Anne Welch

Self Pity

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , on April 8, 2011 by dustus

I am nothing
And don’t belong…
“Friends” don’t care
To ask, “what’s wrong?”

Though it’s my fault
As well a shame
I’m not there
When they complain

Writing honest
Hurt & proud
Wish that God
Would take me now

So what is wrong?
The answer’s me
Can’t change my life
Nor be happy


Dante’s Dragon ( #Flash55 )

Posted in Flash Fiction, Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on February 24, 2011 by dustus

After following Dante
He froze in treachery
Maybe it’s Alaska—
Hell or New Jersey?  

No longer does he roll
With little Jackie Paper
Yet glacial wax wings
Stock up Pale Fire
Infernos spew
From his chest chamber

Thus, Puff’s Fate
Full circle, he’ll stand alone
Flame throwing coughs
Iced after thoughts
Judas, Satan, gravity
Coming down too
Lost irony

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Garbage Dumps – (for #oneshotwednesday )

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Garbage Dumps

When only for a second care
Realize you’re trashing life
Dispatching unacceptable
Won’t make me feel alright

Damp landing filled with fecund will
Truth in fiction taken
There’s something rotting through stank pulp
Burnt stakes may awaken

Congealing molds incubate colds
Scared crows peck for hours
Decaying matter breaks rank ground
Garbage dumps sprout flowers

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Once We Have Learned (Villanelle)

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Once we have learned how lonely dreams can be
Oh God! not knowing where, or how to start
when all I ever want is you and me  

Blank canvas drips; a soaking willow tree
except in comfort gathering shared parts
once we have learned how lonely dreams can be

Until you’re feeling lost, can’t tell you’re free
no flowchart off-course for a bleeding heart
when all I ever want is you and me

Rudderless ships carry skeleton keys
her lip-curled smile trumps my so-called art
once we have learned how lonely dreams can be  

Our last taken breath, death guarantees
molecules boil over, anger departs
when all I ever want is you and me

Vision focused now, our present to see
for love’s sincere gift, fair will imparts
once we have learned how lonely dreams can be
when all I ever want is you and me

*The above poem is the revised version of the villanelle written last Monday for One Stop Poetry‘s feature on poetic form. Luke Prater edited the last version, offering a helpful critique. Many thanks to Sensei Luke!