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Awards from Megzone

Posted in Blogging Awards, social media with tags , , , on March 16, 2010 by dustus

I wish to pass the Cross Culture Award to the following bloggers:

I pass the I Love Your Blog award along to following:

I will cause some mischief of my own by keeping the Mischief Maker award! Ha ha! And as part of this reckless mischievousness, I am designing a blog award I will present next week. Thank you, Megz

Web Designer Magazine Interviews WordPress Co-founder

Posted in Blog, social media with tags , , , , , , , , on March 15, 2010 by dustus

Anything in the bookstore with WordPress in the title prompts me to stop and take a second look; which is what happened yesterday.  Web Designer magazine has a new “Wordpress Wizard” issue featuring an interview with WP co-founder Matt Mullenweg. The interview offers plenty of insight into the future of online publishing, in addition to discussing Mullenweg’s open source commitment and enthusiasm for listening to the blogging community.

This issue (#167) also presents tutorials on understanding how to use transparent PNG files for enhanced design options and creating cool graphic effects on your site. If you want to know how to save an image with a transparent background (using Photoshop), I think this will be very help. So if you’re a WordPress blogger and Web Designer fan like me, definitely check out this issue!

Thank You! “Post” Rally Thoughts

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I wish to thank shakira & Alina ( for their thoughtful awards. In addition, thanks to everyone who visited, and to those who left comments. Through this fun process I learned about some excellent blogs & individuals I did not know. Thanks to Jingle for organizing the rally. Thanks to Yousei for accepting my nomination. You all made my week very special, and I’m grateful.

Have a great Friday!