Reviews of my 1st Novel, High School Asylum

17th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards

“High School Asylum is one of the best written and most original of all the novels I’ve read for this competition—emphasis on original.  I’ve read some good stories and some beautiful stories for this competition, but this is the most original.  Reality is always uncertain in this novel as it is in real life, and no more tenuous is reality than at a high school.  The narrative voice is marvelously engaging & likeable… ”

—Writer’s Digest Judge



Reading for Sanity (Book Review Blog)

…if I was in high school, which I was at one point, I can see this book being REALLY good. While you are going through that stage in your life it seems like it is hugely important and no one, and I mean NO ONE can tell you different. Perhaps seeing this character go through trial and triumph provides some grounding for those struggling through these years. Feelings that he has are fairly normal, and I think that as a teenager I would really find peace with that fact: I am not alone in this, everybody deals with this stuff…”

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