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A Silent Song

Posted in love, mental illness, Poetry with tags , , , , , , on May 10, 2019 by dustus

Crestfallen sighs to mirror waves
Lost mind to discontented days
Wasting breath from burning chest
Most welcome trove of treasured death

Smooth pebbled shore, beached jellyfish
Acts of cutting ties and….

Past life drowning under surface
Found paradise and don’t deserve this….

Love where once I thought self gone
To die alone, a silent song
Subject to scorn self letting down
The walls which isolate one’s sound


Stale Daily Bread

Posted in education, Poetry, writing with tags , , on October 7, 2009 by dustus

Squint burning teary eyes
Rivulets trace gravity’s deface
Drying salty trails
Once removed forethought
Must be doomed to fail
Ergo death to no avail
Frail shadowy mercy
Contrast from disgrace
Beckoning hours
Scorched earth deflowered
Splinter in lost Finnegan
Squeeze my soul ’til last oxygen
Preparing anxious fear coming
To rend misguided inattention
Backstabbing with no invention
Dollars a tact
Alligator-skin cured from flack
By friends, my God to make amends!
All forgiven
Let live then
Lost divisions do pretend
Heart softening regret turns respect
Shades of bold color like tastes and scent
Unsatisfied still chewing stale daily bread
Historically written as chosen instead
Finally proud of the life I have led
Now sleeping soothe peaceful
Pillow ‘neath head