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Visions From Kool Aid

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photo by Chris Galford

So he lives!
Spray upon white brick
Smile, Ray Bans
Peace flashing
Visions from Kool-Aid breakthrough…
Sun beam reflects light

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The above poem, in Shadorma form, was written for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge.  Chris G. took over and Lansing-graffitied the post for today. Check it out at One Stop Poetry.

“Shadorma is a 6 line poem (sestet) of Spanish descent with no set rhyme scheme. The shadorma is a syllabic poem with the following structure: 3/5/3/3/7/5″

When Machines Mend

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photo by Rob Hanson

Forgetting, over hours
Details under interrogating fluoresence
When machines mend
This antique Elizabethport Singer
Will bind sturdy seams again
Holes in ripped jeans
An old weblos patch
Then I’ll pay the pub a visit
Talking over 2 buck drafts
Pouring to home; a smile basks
Planning new tapestries
The artist tips his frosty glass

When Machines Mend reading…
The above poem was written for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. Rob Hanson took the fantastic HDR photo.  Today he is interviewed over at One Stop Poetry.

The Serpent Coil

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The following post is for One Shot Wednesday is my response to the latest Bookstains Challenge. This challenge takes an abstract form— considering Barbara Hepworth’s untitled sculpture as the source of poetic inspiration… (read more)

Fetal positioned squinting eyes
Beginning life shock—that burning light
Swaddled in newspaper sterility
Spinning backward, sleet rain, movie reels flipping
Maddening sway, she shifts her hips
Fool me blush and licking lips
In totem stockings run from pain
This living through
Your bit insane 

Metallic tasting molars
Tin foiled, tempered stealing
Collide in scope stains as
Color wheels spinning
Through imagined laughter of Goethe
Inspiration from Whitman
Lucky to be alive
Once again

Crawling clumsily through nothingness
Past streaming years, recalling anger, swallowed tears
Among the branded tracks & spineless backs
Wrenched in clutching sadness, shading leaves
Serpentine madness, mineral evergreen
Quivering half-bent upon bathroom floor
Eying grime, filth clings to belly
When the walls cave your heart
Unmoved, mind stirring
Forgetting all that past as learning
This lowly love
When song born again

Apple stands, seedless core
Black almond shaped smoker’s trache
Peeling back the serpent coil
Piano wire fangs puncture
Harp string strung out desire
Reddened to appeal, bon appétit
Search to feel when incomplete
These corrosives kill
Through core of earth
Our sphere surreal
Until dusk from birth

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The Connoisseur: Bookstains Poetry Challenge ‘The Art of Progress’

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Standing in the Way

Dignifying Respects
Paid dues to just remain
Such maddening illusion
Norm standing in the way


*The above 4 Line poem is a response to the Bookstains Challenge called ‘The Art of Progress.’  I suggested the Norman Rockwell painting to Lynda as a challenge idea. She obliged, making it one of the options for the theme of progress.

*Click the following link to learn more: EchostainsEveryone is welcome to participate in the fun. Thanks, Lynda!

Knowing What He Didn’t Know

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My friend Lynda (Echostains Art Blog) issued another poetry challenge, which I accepted. You may recall her previous challenge, Vincent Could’ve Told You, a You Tube prompt— video morphing montage of Van Gogh’s self-portraits.  Well, this time the challenge takes place on Bookstains, her poetry site, and I’d like to share my response for One Shot Poetry Wednesday!

Bookstains Poetry Challenge:
“This poetry challenge is about the smile of the famous Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.  The lady’s smile (and it has been said that she may not be all ‘she’ seems) is one of the most enigmatic smiles ever painted. To submit your poem or haiku which can be as profound, humorous, long or short as you like, either submit in the comments section here or send it by email to me and I will put it on this page.  You can use the logo on your blog – but please link to me:)  The challenge is to write a poem or a haiku about that smile, or the lady or the relationship between the artist and the lady.”

Knowing What He Didn’t Know

Her eyes couldn’t help but glow
Knowing what he didn’t know
There is someone missing
From cradling arms
Lisa’s lips hath subtle charm
Under cover of dark dress
For life she holds a child blessed

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Vincent Could Have Told You (Echostains Poetry Challenge)

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My friend Lynda over at the wonderful Echostains Blog issued a challenge, which I accepted. If you have not visited Echostains, you’re missing out! It’s one of the most informative and interesting art sites on the Net.

Echostains Poetry Challenge:
“The challenge is to watch the very short video that features all Van Gogh’s self-portrait and imagine what the artist might be trying to convey through these portraits – in other words if he could speak – what do you think he would he want to say to us?  Alternatively you could just write a poem about Van Gogh the man or his work.  The poem can be as profound as you want, or as daft as you like:)  it can be long, short or even a haiku.”

Light stricken, anxious eyes
Painting beautiful expressions sublime
Puddling tears that Starry Night
Too late, my work now recognized

Could not foresee what happened to me
Now millions on sales tags
Downloads to computer screens
Broadcasts of honors in stellar HD
Even documentaries all about me
Scandals, art thieves,
Dedicated museum wings
Sunflower posters
Mass produced grief…

Yet curation now kind
Since I razed my prime
They think priceless being
A tortured mind

Only my faces and work survive
Absinthesizing swirls refined
Depression claimed another life
Still art without end
Beyond my time

Surreally Now (Flash Fiction 55)

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Beneath bevel-edged glass, without bordering frames, walls of colorful abstracts pool surreally now. Don’t know what to make of it? Life, poor gaunt man spent priceless moments when study walls talked back; mocking yellow streaks between paintings.

Perspiring lead molecules, maddening thoughts joyful— what’s left of creation before illusions radiate nerves virally like cancerous growth.

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