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Upon a pedestal that word belongs
If not felt strong, then my heart speaks wrong

Love’s fine letters
O slants off
This museum frame
Rare honor embossed

Deepest blush of lacquer red
See through to the sky
What shall last
Past our death

Care for a reading?

*photo by me Love Park (Philadelphia)

The above poem was my entry for the Thursday Poetry Rally. Many thanks to the esteemed Jingle for all the tireless coordinating she does.

About the awards:
These last couple of months I have been thinking to myself, “Self, I wish I could buy a new car.” Well, not only did I get one. Count ’em. 1…2…3… shiny new automobiles! Awesome. I always knew blogging would pay off… Seriously though, these peer awards are bestowed based upon votes in the categories of Short Stories, Art/Painting, and Humor—which is perfect because I tend to think of myself as a writer, artist, and occasionally funny.

Thank you for reading my work. I love blogging. Appreciate all who visit, comment, and encourage. That being said, my nominee for this rally is a tie between Moondustwriter and slpmartin. I decided this based on the fact that they have both been taking successful artistic risks in their respective writings. Check out their work. Congrats to them both!

Poetry Blog Community Award

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In honor of the poetry rallys, I would like to present this award I made to Jingle!

Your commitment to community building and good will is unmatched.

Please accept this award and have fun presenting it however you see fit.

Thank You!

Post Rally Blog Awards

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Wow, these are some truly thoughtful bloggers! Extra-special thanks to them.


In return…
the over the top award goes to Trisha.
Perfect poet award goes to Samantha.
Most promising poet goes to Shan.