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Deepfake Tribulation

Posted in Flash Fiction, writing with tags , , , , , , on February 1, 2019 by dustus

Whiskey-shooting away professional tormenting failure, The Plaintiff, slipped fumbling sideways off a sky-high cliff.  Your Honor, his fractured ego denied having been pushed!  As if privacy exists in our defamatory deepfake world.  Consequently, it took many arduous years of gradual rehabilitation before self-loathing dried and creative fire reemerged furiously brighter than The Defendants’ life-threatening malice.   

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new High School Asylum post on

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While I am still trying make sure the multilingual translating widget and visitor map work in all browsers, I posted some excerpts from the beginning of my 1st novel High School Asylum. Hope you enjoy!

Please excuse any current difficulties you may encounter with the new sidebar widgets. I keep tweaking as I’m speaking. lol Also, special thanks to Michael Duvall of WebDoctus for his technical expertise and help.