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For My Soul

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For My Soul

Hear death approach
Demonic grunts chortle breath
Thudding cinder block house-shaken steps
Spreading panic imminent
For shadows creep life
You won’t take my essence
For my soul I will fight


*Thia one was for Pete Marshall‘s Halloween prompt over at
One Stop Poetry!
Happy Halloween!

Dustus Friday on One Stop Poetry- Halloween Post!

Posted in One Stop Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , on October 28, 2010 by dustus

Happy Halloween!  I posted on One Stop Poetry for the occasion.

The poem is called Bloodletting Fees

@ One Stop Poetry

Life’s Spectrum (Flash Fiction 55)

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Arrrrgh! As pint-sized Captain Hook, Mikey smiles until my mullet wig frightens him—like on the circus field trip when his mother stifled sobbing wails, hugging him calm.

He doesn’t know it’s me. Five-year old thoughts sense danger. Unhooked hands cup ears shrieking, rocking back-and-forth, head banging wall, shattering my heart through life’s spectrum.

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