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Emotions Used

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Maybe you saved me?
Feeling evictions from home
Fighting sleeplessness & circumstance
Yet opting for alone 

Baring souls encounter glare
Crumbling chips this cookie scared
In terms of worms, fed fabled tales
Love to hate my inbox mail

‘Cause wishing can’t believe you here
Watering eyes from burning sage
No missive, nor cruel fail whale sure
Wind wants to turn the page


Trap door centers
Exit rage
3 ring binder
Sap with age
Tinted blinders
Spilling guts
In my own way
Bark back

Nothing ever remaining easy
Living through your writing journeys
While sunset broods another story
Longing to find that one 

Scribbling dreams
Timed afternoons
What I think
Afraid I’ll choose…
Wrong again
Become old news
Trolling oceans
Emotions used


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Dreams to be
Completely free
With no worries

Find myself here
Surge past nose
Fear disappearing
Sound drones “ohm”

Mesmerizing floating foam
Sinking feelings drift alone
Who am I? What do I know?
Two eyes stay open minding flow

While blood of course
And thought rebirth
Connecting life in joy and hurt
Opens heart to love and surf
River rushes over earth

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