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Target of Crossfire

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Hurricane like bombhaiku
Razed home we found, framed, & wired

In tent bullets rain


Two Worlds Astray

Posted in Poetry, writing with tags , , , , , on June 11, 2019 by dustus

A golden couple strolls down the street
Hand in hand, they’re pace is slow
Grinning through a warm ocean breeze
Laughing from an inside joke

About five yards away & approaching fast
A much younger couple’s getting close
Respectively, they’re staring down
Twiddling thumbs on phones

The older gentleman cautions them–
A fair warning so they’ll look up
Then the younger guy bumps into him
And shouts, “Old Man, shut the fuck up!”

The younger lady twiddles on unconcernedly
Skipping no beat as she texts down the street…
As the older woman pulls her husband aside
Holds both his hands down,
And then kisses his cheek

So the golden couple shakes their heads
They’re laughing again–
Willing to go out of their way
While the younger couple 
Sticks to their phones
Together, yet two worlds astray


Dustup (yours)

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , on May 28, 2019 by dustus

Is heaven on earth?
Sometimes I can’t tell
While he tried to tranquilize this beast
Her voice still burnt like hell

I’ve never been in Dallas…
It’s not in Tennessee
Nowhere near the frozen tundra
Or part of New Jersey

I caught Rich singing “Let It Go”
His heart likes strumming “Let It Be”
Though who forgets a sucker punch
Or digs to bury me?