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Together Time

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My love craves sweet together time
For life affirms emotions bared

As if stars shine like Coldplay lines
My love craves sweet together time
On beachfront sand we lay supine
One soul suspends like salt in air
My love craves sweet together time
For life affirms emotions bared

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A, B, a, A, a, b, A, B (iambic)

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She Loved Me Too (Flash Fiction 55 — One Stop Poetry Challenge)

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*The following poem is offered in response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. This wonderful prompt was shot by photographer Kathryn Forbes, featured today on One Shoot Photography Sunday. Come check out some great shots & the interview!

We had chemistry ninth period under sweaty florescence and mutual distraction. My heart spun centrifuge-like into exhausted dreams of Katie. Standing on her parents’ porch, I approach in slow-motion. Her freckled smile, glistening chestnut eyes, smelling strawberry Jolly Rancher, auburn hair tangled and sun kissed. I stuttered. Nerves trembling when she said she loved me too.

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*The above flash 55 was just written for One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. Check it out! Everyone is always welcome to play along with the challenges.  Thank you. Also, One Stop has been nominated for Shorty Awards in both the #art and #poetry categories.

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Knowing (One Stop Poetry Challenge)

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His offering to neck
Obsession smells, Secret
Told her that he loves her
Knowing she believes him

*The above photo was taken by Lisa Michelle Arhontidis,
a talent photographer featured on One Stop Poetry today!