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One Stop Poetry Dustus Friday Post—Blooms Alone

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Break over… I’m back 🙂

Feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Dustus Friday on One Stop PoetryBlooms Alone

Special Surprise Birthday Shout Out!

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Special surprise birthday shout-out to my friend and One Stop Poetry brother, Brian Miller. Stop on by and join the party!

You can also read Brian’s outstanding creative writing @ WaystationOne
*One Shoot Sunday will return next Sunday!


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Dreams to be
Completely free
With no worries

Find myself here
Surge past nose
Fear disappearing
Sound drones “ohm”

Mesmerizing floating foam
Sinking feelings drift alone
Who am I? What do I know?
Two eyes stay open minding flow

While blood of course
And thought rebirth
Connecting life in joy and hurt
Opens heart to love and surf
River rushes over earth

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