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Our Virtual Story

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Doubt they call him Alice
A superhero minds his dreams
Instead of Finding Nemo
His birthplace fills this screen

Beneath pallid, porous, chip defaced
Crumbling walls; he’ll always miss
Preview sporting acne scars
With fuming tags, graffiti adds
Capitol columns, botanical gardens
Statues defecting, passing by
Honorable mentions
Over passed time

Through the Photoshopped window
Suggesting amends
So unlike riffs to air guitar
Being simple enough
We all pretend

Absorbing impressions leading invention
From cliched song to artistic pretension
Fate buries each when life ends

It was a spring Saturday
Mourning away
Perhaps he cannot stand

Nor perceive nuance in cartoon
Caught up in realistic visual play
Assuming it all exists for a second
Not knowing what I mean
When pixels burst like hemorrhages
Bled to reconvene

And thus a chapter closes
Our virtual story rote
Imagination never dies
When bridging one’s false hopes

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*graphic design by me

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