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A Silent Song

Posted in love, mental illness, Poetry with tags , , , , , , on May 10, 2019 by dustus

Crestfallen sighs to mirror waves
Lost mind to discontented days
Wasting breath from burning chest
Most welcome trove of treasured death

Smooth pebbled shore, beached jellyfish
Acts of cutting ties and….

Past life drowning under surface
Found paradise and don’t deserve this….

Love where once I thought self gone
To die alone, a silent song
Subject to scorn self letting down
The walls which isolate one’s sound


Paradise Dreams

Posted in Blog, Poetry, writing with tags , , , , on July 29, 2009 by dustus

Love so truant
Playful in haste
Wine over time
Matures to great taste

Willing new passion
Eyes catch, you stare
Worst that can happen?
Falling to fail

Trust in your feeling
Don’t put off this life
Open hearts speak
Trump silent night

Future uncertain
Promise delight
Pause in a warm breeze
Thaw winter ice

Much more to live
Awaiting to see
Plotting my course
Paradise dreams