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Celebrate National Poetry Month!

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Is April really the cruelest month? Well, now that tax day is over, it seems like a great month to me.  In honor of National Poetry Month 2010, I offer the following poems.

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Pain Must Have Forgot

Stumbling, fumbling
Out of breath mumbling
Rock, paper, scissors
Chainsaw-scared juggling

Upside the head
Reality slaps
What can be done?
Which shuffled tasks?

Only one person
Happy to be
Unproving ideas
Altering scenes

All that you’ve got
Only one shot
Insecurity gone
Pain must have forgot

All in Time

Get control
Off, Heartbeat
Regain composure
Take a seat

You came back once
In a lifetime scene
Carried on
Illuminated dream

Tantrum and torture
Still moments love brings
Honest felt somber
Bitter bells ring

You want to give back
While getting back seems
More than what’s asked for
What’s wished for?
Perfect sleep, contented rest
Goals setting dreams work best
So we think
Then we find
Initially what
Escaped our mind
Love around us
All in time
In and out of line

Acknowledgement’s Pass

Quartered time lines on a grandfather clock
Structure, arranged as a compass well placed
A midnight boom to unnoticed tick-tocks
Swept hands overlap and circle the face
Not leaving a trail revolving its way
Forming orbits through good times and regret
Exact angles in instances are razed
A precise spot in time is sediment
In the crumbling of hours long dreaming
One never grasps a sense of history
Not knowing fully in moments seeming
Things repeat through beauty and misery
Life cannot escape from an hourglass
Only re-feeling acknowledgement’s pass


“The author’s sense of place and humor comes across particularly well when writing poems on writing poems. The statements—and imagery—about creating the form often reelects a sense of form as well.  In fact, the poems written in form—sonnets, villanelles—are the strongest , in general of all the poems here.  The reference and inclusion of blog poems at the end is a nice touch.  I also like the cover photo: the author peeking into the frame, as if a non-participatory observer.”

—Writer’s Digest Judge, about In & Out of Line

Celebrate National Poetry Month!