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First Review of High School Asylum

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Hey Everyone.  I have some news to share…

Well, the waiting is over.  This first review of High School Asylum was posted this morning.

Click here to read the review…

Reviewing Social Media Books

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Recently, some readers have asked me for tips regarding blogs and social media.  While their professional backgrounds vary greatly, the similar questions stirred me to flashbacks—the recall of many frustrating hours spent trying to understand the possibilities that do exist online.

Here’s what I’ll do… In addition to what you’ve come to expect from The Dustus Blog, I’ll begin posting brief reviews on the latest social media books.  I’ll only write about the ones that have helped me the most.  Maybe it will help you as well? (That page is currently under construction).  I hope to post the first review on Friday.  Want a little hint about which book I’ll discuss? Curious?

Ask yourself, “WWGD?”

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