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Rock & Roll Rushmore

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I feel like nowhere, Man
Far from mountain hills
A much nearer Dakota
South of Strawberry Fields…

Background like The White Album
John & George gone & not forgotten
When all I need is love, so write then
Symbol of knowledge bitten beside them

Rock and Roll Rushmore
Watching over Manhattan Island
Some of the most beautiful lyrics to exist
Lennon and McCartney did write them
Even The Rolling Stones first number one
Though George penned my favorite
Here Comes the Sun

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*photo by me


Saying Goodbye

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We took a few rides
Along the Jersey side
I wasn’t quite five
My father would drive

Felt so simple
Dr. Seuss
Found poetry

Frozen vigil, sprinkles bright
Imagine plays to fireflies
Dad’s face lit cast
Yellow dash light
His words made me think
Wonder for life

We never saw an apple tree
No strawberry fields
Couldn’t sleep counting sheep
Growing up scared of snakes and eve
Monkeys, gremlins, gnomes, skinned knees
Scuffs on shin guards, muddy cleats
Fuzzy dreams like Gypsy Moth fleece
Chalk outlines, blood on each street
First time I heard the word insanity

‘Cause his Beatle had died
He blinked teary eyes
Sniffling sighs
My father had cried

Cursing some madman
The Catcher in the Rye
Guilt calling shotgun
Dad said goodbye

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*Also shared on Friday Poetically with Brian Miller (3/25/11)